Hi all! Time for another pram jam post and time to pick another theme. Recently, we enjoyed our first returned Blokes do Storytime theme of clothes and I noticed the funniest stories seemed to have “pants” in the title. Now, pants include the obvious things like trousers and jeans but you might also like to wear chinos [blech! – Ed.], cords (snazzy corduroy pants), even overalls. And, of course, don’t forget our national dress – trackies!

Some pants related titles you might enjoy include:

Link to Catalogue record for Animal pants!
Link to Catalogue record for Llama destroys the world
Link to Catalogue record for Princesses wear pants
Link to Catalogue record for Who wet my pants?

The funniest books, however, seemed to be about the more mysterious ‘pants’ we keep out of sight – our underpants! Yes, underpants. You know: drawers, briefs, boxers, bloomers, knickers, pantaloons. Undies!¬†

Try out some of these jocular stories about jocks:

Link to Catalogue record for Who needs pants?
Link to Catalogue record for Underpants thunderpants!
Mrs Vickers' Knickers book cover
Link to Catalogue record for My underpants rule!

So, as you can see, pants – whether under or over style – come in all shapes, sizes and colours. And uses: you can always expand the topic to link what kind of pants (or other clothes) we might be wearing to a type of activity or job. Why does dad put on overalls when he’s playing [swearing, more like. – Ed.] under the car? Why does mum wear blue pants (and top) to work at the hospital? What colour are a police officer’s pants? Or a cricket player’s?

On that note, let’s finish with a couple of rhymes on the larger theme of clothes. Starting with pants, of course!

Or, if you’re super keen, you can try out your snazzy pants on a special little dance …