Holy moly, it’s the 1st of December! That means only 24 more sleeps until Christmas! Aaaarrgh! Warning, warning, Christmas approaching! Aaaarrgh!

If, like me, this is always your first reaction to the “festive season” then please, close your eyes, take a deep breath and DON’T PANIC!

If also, like me, you don’t actually enjoy revelling in the modern Christmas traditions of mass marketing, tacky consumerism, glib spiritualism and generally contrived jolliness, what is there left to celebrate?

Well, there is one thing. It’s very close to my heart (and probably my arteries). It’s so important we always seem to buy ten times more of it than we can possibly, or responsibly, consume over Christmas. We eat it; we over-eat it; we take a break from it, go visit some relatives we like so much we only see them once a year, and then eat some more of it! I’m talking, of course, about:

Ahh … yes, “Food, glorious food!” If there’s one Christmas tradition I don’t mind starting early (say, in February) it’s eating food. That’s right, eating food – not accidently eating that “present” Auntie Bernard thinks it is appropriate to gift you when the packaging clearly states it is only suitable for +6 year olds.

I’m getting off track. Let me be serious for a moment and get away from the spectre of impending Christmas-ness: food is indeed a very important part of our everyday lives. For parents of very small children food and eating can also be an overwhelming, frustrating, worrying and generally tiring thing. Luckily, at Cockburn libraries we have a wealth of resources about baby food and nutrition.

Here’s a good example: Your feeding questions answered : more than 300 Q&As & 50 delicious recipes / Annabel Karmel. “More than 300 Q&As guide you through the many issues you may encounter, with tips on when to wean, advice on allergies, and suggestions for introducing exciting new foods.”

Your feeding questions answered

If you’ve mastered the art of “here comes the aeroplane” then you might want to read some tales about eating instead. If you use the “Search our collection” window on our website (top right), you will find a host of books to read. Try combining, say, a Keyword Search: “food” with Collection: “junior kindergarten” and you will find more than 100 titles!

I haven’t read it myself but a title like this must be worth a look: Aliens love smelly jelly / Tony Mitton ; [illustrated by] Guy Parker-Rees.

Aliens love smelly jelly

Have a fussy eater in the family? Try reading them Little Miss Princess and the pea / original concept by Roger Hargreaves ; written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves.

Little Miss Princess and the pea

If you have a child struggling to come to grips with a food intolerance try Woolfred cannot eat dandelions : a tale of being true to your tummy / by Claudine Crangle.

Woolfred cannot eat dandelions

Okay. Before I write too much and send you off to sleep, let’s finish with a food song. “Food, glorious f- ”

No, no, NO! We’ve covered that one already. How about:

On top of spaghetti

Yum, yum, get in my tum! Well, sorry for the abrupt ending but I’m going to have to finish the blog here – I’ve got to duck down to the local nursery and get me one of those meatball trees before they disappear in the Christmas rush.

As you might say when cooking a pancake, “see you on the flipside!” Hahahaha!