Hi everyone. I hope you are all still doing well and staying healthy (physically, mentally and hygienically). It’s time for another pram jam post and since I feel like we are already swimming in a sea of info about the current “situation” I’d like to change the subject a bit.

Due to current distractions it has been easy to miss a whole range of things I usually notice and take an interest in. One of these is the seasonal changes that occur during my favourite time of the year: Autumn. And the changes I enjoy the most are to be seen in the trees. I love to see the leaves turning from greens to yellows, to oranges and browns, to reds and sometimes even purples!

So, let’s talk about … 

Autumn colours

autumn leaves and colour

To explore the full wonder of autumn, try out a few of these seasonal stories:

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If you’re feeling a little adventurous or enjoy that crisp, early morning/late evening autumn air you could go on a nice walk with the kids and make a game of spotting and naming some autumn colours. You could get them to pick up as many different coloured fallen leaves as they can find and bring them home to study or make a collage.

With all that variation going on it’s the perfect time to expand their vocabulary and teach them about shades of colour. No doubt you already have the primary colours covered: red, yellow and blue. And you’ve probably moved on to the secondary ones: green, orange and purple.

Now’s the time to introduce some tertiary colours, like below:

Color chart with tertiary names

Now for the tricky part. Can I find a rhyme about autumn colours? Well, to start, here’s one about autumn leaves:


Autumn leaves begin to blow.
(blow hands away from face)
Coloured leaves fall fast and slow.
(falling motion with fingers)
Twirling, whirling, all around,
(turn self around)
Till at last, they reach the ground.
(fall to the ground)

Here’s a second autumn rhyme that manages to mention some colours.

Leaves are falling,
leaves are falling,
from the trees,
from the trees.

Red and yellow,
orange and brown,
in the breeze,
in the breeze.

Sound familiar? Why not make up your own autumn rhyme? Adding all the new colours you have learned!