Pram Jam with Beth – Split Page Books

Say wha? Spit page? Ewww. No, spLit page. Also called flip flap books, mix up books, mish mash books, switch up books. If only there was just one name for them, they would be much easier to find on the catalogue!

Do you remember reading split page books as a youngster? The ones where you could create crazy creatures, bonkers careers, silly recipes and ridonculous vehicles? I have very fond memories of these books, I loved reading through all of the combinations that were possible and deciding which was my favourite creature/job/etc.

Split page books stack

There is a split page book for everyone! Here are a few that I gathered over the past week, I am sure that you can find more at your library if you keep your eyes peeled.

 I was such a methodical child that I tended to go through each flap in order and come up with all of the alternatives for that particular page… it was literally hours of entertainment. Didn’t take much to keep me engaged back then, and somehow my attention span was much longer as well!

Split page books are the new ‘lift the flap’.

I have noticed that there have been a good mix of new split page books added to our collections recently, and they reminded me of all the fun that I used to have reading them way back when. Simple, creative fun and GREAT toddler reading fodder. I have also found that the split page format tends to be more durable for little hands to explore that the lift the flap novelty idea.

These books are wonderful for practicing your gobbledygook reading skills! I love to be able to pick up a book full of nonsense words and phrases and read it with confidence, imagining all the BFG-like words and sentences that flow freely from my brain when I don’t have to think too hard. Some of my personal favourites are ‘squidgemaboo’ and ‘oompabaroomba’, as words like these are amazing for teaching our little ones to decode words as their independent reading skills develop.


Fancy dress : a mix & match book / illustrated by Richard Merritt.

Mix and match fun fancy dress costumes to make lots of new flip flap friends with this colourful split-page book. Watch as spacesuits, tiger costumes and footballers get all mixed up in this rainbow book of new fancy dress friends. With 72 possible combinations to mix and match, children will keep coming back for more flip flap fun.

Cover image for :  Fancy dress : a mix & match book / illustrated by Richard Merritt.
Cover Image for: Muddle and match monsters : a mix-and-match book! / illustrated by Stephanie Hinton.

Muddle and match monsters : a mix-and-match book / illustrated by Stephanie Hinton.

Make your own funny stories and create crazy monsters as you flip through the split pages and muddle things up! Each character’s silly story includes lots of sound repetition to help children learn as they play.

Flip Flap Snap: Dinosaurs / Joanna McInerney.

Whoever heard of a Tyranno-ceratops? Or how about a diplo-dactyl? Flip the flaps to come up w ith fun combinations that put a new twist on dinosaurs – but watch out, these animals bite! With rhyming non-fiction text, fun facts, fantastic pop-ups and stunning artwork from Carmen Saldana this book is sure to raise a few giggles. This particular title is a combination of pop-up/lift the flap/and split page formats, so while it is a lot of fun I would recommend for slightly older (less grabby!) readers.

Cover Image for:  Flip Flap Snap: Dinosaurs / Joanna McInerney.
Cover Image for: The big book of magical mix-ups / by Nick Sharratt and Hilary Robinson.

The big book of magical mix-ups / by Nick Sharratt and Hilary Robinson.

Would you like to turn your nosy brother into an inflatable rabbit? Or transform your bossy babysitter into a giant doughnut? Create countless combinations of rib-tickling spells with this crazy book of mixed-up magic. A perfect book for the older siblings, my fangirl-ing for Nick Sharratt knows no bounds. See also here, where we got real actual Sharrattazam action. Happy sigh.

Silly songs connect different pathways in our brains – switch this one up for size!

Apples and Bananas rhyme page

A split page book in action – doesn’t this look fun?

Honestly, the giggles are possibly not conducive to bedroom reading…

Please let me know if you happen upon some split page books in your browsing, and what your little ones think of them. I hope that you can create lots of happy reading experiences with your family this week. Take care!