Pram Jam with Beth – Lucy Cousins

Welcome to another blog post by Beth! Today I am writing about the popular children’s author and illustrator, Lucy Cousins.

Elizabeth ‘Lucy’ Cousins is one of our more prolific authors, with many titles to be found in the picture book and board book collections of the Children’s library. If you’re looking for a sure hit book for storytime at home, you probably can’t go wrong with any one of the bright, colourful books by Ms Cousins!

Yellow acacia flowers

Lucy Cousins books are all visually engaging, her illustration style is very distinctive.

Last week at Pram Jam we read the first two listed below in my selections, but there are many more titles including the Maisy collection and numerous board books which are perfect for our youngest readers.

Books to draw the little ones to your lap.

The repetition, rhyming and large, well spaced text of Lucy Cousins’ books will engage even your reluctant readers, and simple story lines will make interruptions unimportant. There is a wonderful range of vocabulary included in all of these titles and I don’t hesitate in recommending any of them. Warning though, there are a lot of Maisy books. She is a busy little mouse!


Splish, splash, Ducky! / Lucy Cousins.

This gorgeous title takes a happy little duck around to visit lots of friends in the rain. With lots of assonance and repetition you will enjoy reading this one as much as your listener enjoys hearing it!

Cover image for :  Splish, splash, Ducky! / Lucy Cousins.
Cover Image for: Hooray for birds! / Lucy Cousins.

Hooray for birds! / Lucy Cousins.

This one is perhaps Lucy Cousins best known title, besides the Maisy series. With lots of language tricks and tools, this is another lovely sharing book.

Maisy’s bus / Lucy Cousins.

Today Maisy is driving her bus to the seaside. Who will be her first passenger? Will it be Dotty, Cyril, Tallulah, Charley or Eddie? What things are they bringing with them to the beach? There are many opportunities for building vocab in this lovely book, and the board book format makes it perfect for our Pram Jam babies. Lots of animals to name and make sounds for as well!

Cover Image for:  Maisy's bus / Lucy Cousins.
Cover Image for: Maisy at home : a first words book / Lucy Cousins.

Maisy at home : a first words book / Lucy Cousins.

This is another of those perfect vocab building board books, and the engaging illustrations with white backgrounds and tabs will make it a favourite for your little person. I think that this would be a useful book to reinforce your family’s ‘at home’ routines.

A bubble rhyme because bubbles are better shared.

Bubbles rhyme

Enjoy more Lucy Cousins via video.

There are loads of videos on YouTube of Lucy Cousins titles being read aloud, this one is one of the best!


I hope that you have enjoyed our exploration of Lucy Cousins’ work, I’d love to hear your feedback – which is your favourite book? I suspect that we will continue to use her titles in our Pram Jam sessions throughout the year to come.

Stay happy and healthy everyone, and happy reading!