Pram Jam with Beth – Babies in the Bath

Well, then… 2020 has thrown us all a curve ball and here I am writing my first YPS Amazing Shares blog post officially working from home (yes, I have written blog posts from home before, but that has been because of my inability to write before inspiration has struck and inspiration consistently letting me down till the last minute!).

Seeing as we are all spending significant amounts of time at home for now, this blog post will be about one of the most relaxing and soothing things that we can do at home: taking a bath!

joyous baby with brown hair in a bubbly bath

Bath time can be just the best! When you don’t get soap in your eyes, anyway…  Picture credit:  Image by galiazaharieva from Pixabay, used under creative commons license.

Hah! Relaxing and soothing, I hear you scoff. Trying to keep hold of a wet and slippery infant is not so relaxing! It is not, that’s true, but as they become a little more independent it does become easier and less stressful. And babies (usually) love the bath! There are bubbles, and toys, and lots of opportunities for counting and songs. These are all literacy building opportunities just waiting to be explored.

That relaxing sensation that adults get when they can lay in water is also enjoyed by babies and toddlers, I am sure that you know the feeling that I mean. In our last house, we had a shallow frustrating bath that wasn’t fun for grown ups… since we moved recently, I am kicking myself for not appreciating that bath more! I don’t have a bath in this house at all 🙁 A bathroom reno including a freestanding bath is definitely on the wish list. As the pools are closed I can’t even go for a swim to try to capture that floating weightlessness… I am not a beach go-er, so for now, I have managed to convince myself that washing dishes by hand relaxes me. And there are plenty of dishes to wash, with the whole clan home full time at the moment!

Baby Bath time digital books at Cockburn Libraries

I’m a dirty dinosaur ; Janeen Brian & Ann James.

View the Story Box Library video of this book here.

This is one of our all time favourite books, the repetition and rhyming make it perfect for all early literacy focused sessions. Story Box Library is an amazing resource that the State Library of Western Australia have provided access to for WA public library members. All you need is your library card number and you have access to hundreds of beautifully produced story reading videos.

Cover image for : I'm a dirty dinosaur / Janeen Brian & Ann James.
Cover Image for: Harry the dirty dog / by Gene Zion ; pictures by Margaret Bloy Graham.

Harry the dirty dog / by Gene Zion ; pictures by Margaret Bloy Graham.


Another total classic! Harry is a cheeky white and black dog (or is that black and white dog?) who really truly hates bath time. My crazy dog Harper isn’t a massive fan either, though we tend to take him in the shower out of necessity (see my intro paragraph!). Kanopy is our online movie steaming service and Kanopy Kids is the unlimited children’s channel – there are some awesome programs on there! I hope that you enjoy Harry the dirty dog and having an explore around Kanopy Kids. 

My favourite thing about bathtime is obviously the bubbles

Tiny Tim nursery rhyme words page

This cute as song is one that I’ve been meaning to create a rhyme sheet for. I think it would make a great addition to our Pram Jam lists. I’ve even found an Auslan signing sheet (link here), so feel free to start practising! 

I’ve added 2 videos for the Tiny Tim song because I think we will end up using a bit of a hybrid between these for our Pram Jam version. The hey dee ho educational services/Auslan one is wonderful, and the tempo of the Jbrary version will fit our sessions perfectly. I’ll have to see if Brad can play along on his guitar for this song at Spearwood.

I’d love to hear about your bath time routine – is it part of your Bath Brush Book Bed scenario or more ad hoc (perhaps after a play in the garden)? Do you make your own bubble bath or shampoos (I’ve been browsing the local bulk soap supplier’s website – no affiliation!)? I don’t need to hear you gloating about how huge your bath is, but reno inspiration links are always welcome!