(Pram Jam with) Beth and The Art of CBB Parenting

You know when you’re just feeling overwhelmed, overloaded, or just a bit over it all? It might be time to switch to a bit of CBB parenting.  CBB parenting is my go-to minimal effort backup plan for those days when work/life/stressors are getting on top of me.

This blog post is my homage to CBB parenting. It will be less involved than my usual blog post, see if you can guess why 😉

Sometimes, when we’re deep in the trenches, reverting to a bit of CBB parenting basics is what keeps us plodding along. Here are a few of my favourite CBB parenting tips:

Adult laying on a white couch with a blue blanket completely covering with only feet with socks and an arm showing

Hi. I’ll be here all weekend. Children form an orderly queue in order of complexity of need (neediest at the end, hopefully the other adult will be home by the time we get to you!).

Image Source: 2081671 from Pixabay (licence info)

  • Warm flannels make a decent bath alternative.
  • A few spritzes of detangler and a comb solve most hair/nest disasters.
  • I firmly believe that there’s nothing wrong with the occasional ‘make it yourself’ dinner night for your bigger kids – in fact, it could be viewed as capacity building.
  • Your little ones certainly don’t need a complex meal every night either – I will admit to serving up 2 minute noodles with egg and frozen veggies added  and calling it dinner at times.
  • Drive thru takeaway while still in your jammies at dinner time. Genius!
  • Bluey on iView for half an hour so you can snooze on the couch – if that’s what it takes to get you through the day, no judgement from me 😉

When the parenting gets tough, the parents… can’t get going.

Isn’t it a shame that we can’t just totally check out completely? These little beings are 100% dependent on us, all of the time. That being said, a bit of self entertaining isn’t a bad thing to start encouraging!  Baby happy banging away with those toys on the floor? Then lay beside her and rest for a bit! The washing can wait, there’s a quicker solution for dinner, you can prioritise your own needs for a bit 😉

Books for the exhausted parent

These are my quick picks for sleep deprived and overwhelmed. Some of them are short and sweet, not too many words. Others are a bit more lengthy. But longer books are useful for bedtimes, yeah?

Little White Fish is so happy / Guido van Genechten.

Little fish is so happy, no real plans, just looking forward to hanging out with Mummy fish. Good onya Mum, keep those expectations low – low – low 😉

Cover image for :  Little White Fish is so happy / Guido van Genechten.
Cover image for: ABCs of engineering / Chris Ferrie and Dr. Sarah Kaiser.
Cover image for: Quantum entanglement for babies / Chris Ferrie.
Cover image for: Electromagnetism for babies / Chris Ferrie.

All these Chris Ferrie baby scientist board books. There are heaps.

Give your baby these books to read and they will become geniuses – I think it works via osmosis. I’m sure it’s covered in the books.

Yawning yoga / written by Laurie Jordan ; illustrated by Diana Mayo.

Yes, Yawning yoga. For reals. I am full of yawns, I may as well stretch while doing it! In all seriousness, I adore the rhymes that go with each pose in this beautiful book. It’s gorgeous (and a little funny!).

Cover Image for:  Yawning yoga / written by Laurie Jordan ; illustrated by Diana Mayo.

Photo of inside page of Yawning Yoga book

You probably can’t read the last line on the page thanks to my CBB photography skills, but I especially love this: ‘Rest your forehead on the floor and close your eyes.’ Yes, yes, my darling, just rest your forehead there – oop, mind the crackers left over from lunch… that’s the way. Just close your eyes. Mmmm.


Cover Image for: The man with messy hair / Pamela Allen.

The man with messy hair / Pamela Allen.

See, beautiful things happen when you let standards slip, or embrace chaos, or … get an egg on your head. It’s okay, it’ll all work out in the end.

Hattie helps out / written by Jane Godwin & Davina Bell ; pictures by Freya Blackwood.

Okay fine. This one needs a new title, it could be called When primary caregivers nap: A cautionary tale. But it’s cute, Hattie is adorable, and I have all the empathy feels for her Mama. Plus, I’m a hard core Freya Blackwood fan girl!

Cover Image for:  Hattie helps out / written by Jane Godwin & Davina Bell ; pictures by Freya Blackwood.

Winter Solstice and Sweet Desserts

So there you go. The blog post that you write when you CBB (or the other blog topic proved to be too difficult to find resources to match, and you procrasti-cleaned for too long to complete a decent alternative). I hope that the rest of term 2 treats you all kindly, remember that school holidays are only a couple of weeks away! Winter solstice for our part of the world is this Friday night, which means that after this week the days will start to get longer again and hopefully our energy levels will start to lift. Even if not, winter solstice is a great excuse to have a gathering with your nearest and dearest fellow parents and share a hearty soup or decadent dessert night, all while discussing your favourite CBB parenting tips and tales. Ahh. Bliss. I hope you have a parenting village at hand to share the joys and frustrations with – if not, how about you challenge yourself to strike up a conversation with another parent this week – who knows where it could lead? Happy Pram Jamming everyone xx