As my last post was all about being in the garden, I thought it would be appropriate for this one to follow on from there. So let’s pick a few veggies out of that patch you’ve been tending these last two months and head into the kitchen!

As you can imagine, food and kitchens are a match made in heaven and when you’ve gone to the effort of growing the food yourself, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting it into the kitchen and cooking up something special. When you get the kids involved, it’s more than just an opportunity for a fun, educational activity: it becomes a special time of family bonding – yes, even when it goes pear-shaped. That’s when you make some of those precious childhood memories that will last you a lifetime.

Now, I did mention a few titles in the gardening post but here are a few more to help you and your kids get that fruit and veg growing:

Edible gardening:
growing your own
vegetables, fruits, and more
by Lisa J. Amstutz

RHS grow your own for kids
by Chris Collins
and Lia Leendertz

Yates young gardener :
growing things to eat
by Janice Marriott


Now we’ve grown it and picked it we need to wash it and prepare it and then … we need to cook it!

This is the time you’ve all been waiting for parents, it’s time to delegate! Depending on their age, of course, this is the perfect time for children to build “character” and learn a whole bunch of new skills – not least of which are attention and focus, persistence, problem solving, and above all patience. [I think you’ll find the parents will be learning a few of these skills as well! – Ed.]

If you literally don’t know where to start, let’s get the dough rolling with some ‘how to’ cooking books for kids. There are quite a few, so here’s a sample:

Cool kids cook
by Jenny Chandler

Cook school

by Amanda Grant

The Australian women’s weekly
kids in the kitchen

Children’s healthy & fun cookbook
by Nicola Graimes

If your children are very young (or, say, a bit of a Denise the Menace in the kitchen) you can always sit together and read about some great cooking adventures instead. For example:

Belle & Boo and the
yummy scrummy day
by Mandy Sutcliffe.

Can we lick the spoon now?
by Carol Goess
illustrated by Tamsin Ainslie.

Let’s make pasta 
by Francesca Posney

Grug learns to cook
by Ted Prior

Monster chef 
by Nick Bland

Even aliens need snacks 
by Matthew McElligott


Okay. So we’ve grown it and picked it, washed it and prepared it, and cooked it. Now, and best of all, we get to EAT IT!
(Well, first we have to wash our hands and help set the table, of course. Then we can all sit round the table together and share the fruits and veggies of our labour.)

Bon Appetit! or “through the teeth and past the gums. Look out tummy, here it comes!”