Hi all, it’s time for another pram jam blog with yours truly. I was actually going to write my blog about the theme of time but then I ran out of it! [lol! – Ed.] The first part of the year has gone so quickly that it’s time for Easter already. What’s up with that?! So, my time blog will have to wait for another … well, you know …

So, since we’re here – on the precipice, so to speak – let’s talk about chocolate! I mean, Easter. Haha. [Nice save. – Ed.] Ah yes, Easter. It means different things to different people: for some it’s about observing important religious events; for others, it’s about cultural and family traditions (like eating fish on Good Friday or going on a family camping weekend); for some, it’s about the Easter Bunny and egg hunts; for the rest, it’s all about the chocolate! The one thing it’s always about, though, is family.

Unusually, Easter falls in the school holidays this year, so if you need something to keep your children engaged there are a lot of Easter themed books out there to read to them. And plenty that include some of your favourite children’s book characters. Here’s a small sampling to give you an idea, just click on the cover to go to the title’s library catalogue entry:

The Smallest Bilby and the Easter Tale

Peppa's Easter Egg Hunt (Peppa Pig)

If I Were the Easter Bunny

Spot's First Easter

My Easter Egg Hunt

Grug and His First Easter

If you are looking for something that is a little more relevant to Easter’s origins and are struggling to find ways to introduce it to your children, perhaps try these titles:

What Is Easter?

The Easter Story

And it wouldn’t be a pram jam blog if we didn’t include a few fun rhymes. There are many, many, many to choose from but they all seem to star either a little chick, a rabbit, or some Easter eggs. I’ve included one of each:

Well, we’ve reached the end of another blog and there’s just one thing left to do – and that’s to wish you all a Happy Easter and a fun (and safe) holidays. Enjoy yourselves, not too much chocolate, and see you again next time!