Last Saturday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day and though my blog post is later than intended, Pirates is still the theme!

The original focus of the official International Talk Like a Pirate day is probably classified as somewhat PG 15+, but the more innocent among us love to get in on the act as well, and the language development opportunity is too good to pass by! Lots of chances to roll Rrrrs and practice Shhh sounds.  One of the first little poems that I wrote with my oldest son was about Sheila the shanty singing Sheep (she lived on a pirate ship!) and he still remembers it to this day – awww (he is a grumbly pre-teen now, any opportunity to remember happy prekindy days is welcomed!)

We celebrated Talk like a Pirate Day at our Pram Jam session at Coolbellup Library this past Monday with a few pirate rhymes and a gorgeous pirate story book, and the kids really loved it (or was that the bubbles? Pirates absolutely love bubbles, Aye!).  The rhymes are easy to fit in with our every day songs so I suspect that some will make an appearance in future sessions, just for fun 😀


Goodnight Pirate


goodnight pirate cover

Goodnight pirate / Michelle Robinson

The book that I chose was Goodnight pirate / Michelle Robinson ; illustrated by Nick East, and it was the perfect book for Pram Jam.  If you decide to select some pirate themed books for your at home reading, some longer more involved options (with lots of Pirate Speak opportunities) are available at the libraries.  These are my picks for the 0-4 age group:


Teatime for Pirates! / Richard Dungworth ; Sharon Harmer.

My pirate adventure / written and illustrated by Lucy Barnard.  (board book)

All aboard the pirate ship! / written by Fiona Munro ; illustrated by Sharon Harmer. (board book)

The pink pirate / Michelle Worthington ; illustrator, Karen Mounsey-Smith.

The story of Fish & Snail / Deborah Freedman.

Ten little pirates / Mike Brownlow, Simon Rickerty.

Yo ho ho! A-pirating we’ll go : little pirate poems / by Kaye Umansky ; illustrated by Nick Sharratt.

Captain Jack and the pirates / written by Peter Bently & illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.


Here’s a couple of the rhyme pages that we used at Pram Jam this week (I know that it’s great to have them to refer back to!)

Jolly Rogers ParrotRow Row Row Pirate


We’re heading quickly into 2nd birthday territory for my littlest one, and his fascination with lego makes finding birthday gifts so much fun!  I am thinking about this set from Target, it comes complete with a crocodile which is perfect for so many of our favourite rhymes. We don’t often buy lego or duplo new, preferring to find treasures in the toy sections at the opshops, but birthdays are a wonderful chance to encourage creative endeavours with a few special selected kits.

lego option

So let me know if you celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day, and if so, how?  A trip to Freo to see some ships at the docks by the E shed? Down to South Beach to play on the Pirate Ship playground? Writing your own sea shanty? If you’d like to share photos please let me know in the comments section and I will organise to have them added to the facebook page 😀