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Beacon is designed specifically for parents as a personalised, one-stop-shop for reliable information about the online world. It arms parents and carers with the knowledge they need to confidently help navigate their children’s digital behaviour and reduce harms we know are associated with being online.

Beacon will shine a light on the online world with: 

• Articles and videos backed by the latest research
• Tailored content and alerts, unique to your family needs
• Create your own family agreement
• Help and services that are available to you and your family 

Cyber Friendly Primary Schools – Helping Kids Interact Positively Online

We know that a child’s development is strongly impacted by everything and everyone around them. Which is why it is no surprise that families, teachers and others within a child’s school community can influence how kids interact online and offline.

For kids to positively engage online with others, there are a whole bunch of skills they need. These skills are often called ‘social and emotional learning’ or SEL skills and are most effective when taught early.

There are separate sections for Families, Teachers and School Leaders.

Augmented Reality Safety Education

The future of engaging safety education for children.

Using the power of augmented reality, Arility brings your road safety lessons to life with 360 degree visuals and sound effects!

Available on the App or Play Store

A Parent’s Guide to Kidsafe Homes

Homes are very special places. At home we feel comfortable and safe. But sometimes our homes may not be safe enough for children.

Injuries are the biggest health problem our children face.