New Auslan Picture Books

The library has recently had a selection of Auslan (Australian sign language) books arrive and we are very excited to add them to our collection. With CDs, DVDs, or sign diagrams these books can be enjoyed by everyone and are a great way to bring Auslan into your reading experience.

Cover Image for My Friend is Deaf

My Friend is Deaf by James Kerwin and Marie Kerwin

Includes an Auslan DVD

Meet Jenny and James. Jenny tells readers all about her friend James who is deaf. She explains how he communicates, and the technological aids people can use to assist with communication.

Cover Image for The Dusty Devil

The Dusty Devil by Marie Kerwin, illustrated by Marie & Tom Kerwin

Includes Auslan sign images with written words.

This is delightful story about a mischievous dust devil on Mr Brown’s farm which makes a mess and teases the animals. The story is told in parallel English and Auslan sign images.

Cover Image for Koalas on the Bus

Koalas on the Bus by Lee & Chris Bilby

Includes an Auslan CD with music and activities.

Join these friendly animals as they travel for a surprise get-together. This unique book will stimulate children through the introduction of Auslan (Australian Sign Language).

Cover Image for Big House - Small Mouse

Big House – Small Mouse by James Kerwin and Marie Kerwin

Includes an Auslan DVD

A dog, a cat and a small mouse live in a very big house. The cat is nasty and likes to bully the mouse. The dog wants all to be peaceful. What should he do?

Cover Image for What's Up with Candy?

What’s up with Candy? by Marie Kerwin

Includes an Auslan DVD

Candy the Crocodile always smiled, until one day her smile went away. The animals at the zoo wondered why Candy was snapping and snarling. What’s up with Candy?

Our full range of Auslan resources can be found on our catalogue.