LETS Success in 2016

Last year, Jessica attended our LETS (Learning English Through Storytime) sessions.

And now she comes along to our Storytime and Pram Jams sessions for more exposure to English and opportunities to practise the skills and language she learned at LETS.

Last week, while I was standing in for David at Pram Jams, Jessica sang her way through Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; one of the songs we use as part of the Bedtime session at LETS. At my Storytime sessions, Jessica has gained the confidence to call out responses to questions asked of the whole group and she has become very comfortable with greeting me at the beginning of our sessions.

I asked her mother how LETS had helped her daughter she said that Jessica:

  • Can do her ABCs and 123s now
  • That she knows her numbers, shapes, animals, and is getting better with greetings and naming some of her toys.
  • Jessica is talking more in English

Jessica is only one of the children who came to LETS last year but we’re very excited to see so many of them coming to our Pram Jam and Storytime sessions.

This year we are running LETS again in term two and four. You can book in now for LETS and give your child the opportunity to develop their English skills.

Learning English Through Storytime (LETS) starts Tuesday 2 May

Learning English Through Storytime (LETS) is a special Storytime that runs for ten weeks and gives children a chance to practise English through songs, rhymes and conversation, to improve their skills and confidence. Each LETS session will involve reading, interactive activities, and craft. It’s a great place to practise English ready for school.

LETS will run for ten weeks covering a range of everyday topics with a focus on literacy and numeracy.

LETS begins Tuesday, 2 May 2017.
Sessions run 1-2pm for ten weeks at Success Public Library.
There will be a light afternoon tea after each session.

Unlike other Storytimes, bookings are required for these sessions. Places are strictly limited, so book early. Come in and pick up a flyer.

If you miss out this time, we are running LETS again in term four.