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Raina Telgemeier has been enjoying well-deserved fame and many awards, including multiple Eisner Awards, so we decided that she needed her own appreciation post from us here at Cockburn Libraries! Raina’s graphic novels appeal to a range of ages from middle primary right though to adults. She approaches topics such as anxiety and sibling rivalry in a way that is understandable for kids, and helps to normalise these concerns.

Today I am reviewing the recent Smile-Sisters-Guts trilogy but I also highly recommend Drama and Ghosts.

The graphic novel editions of The Baby Sitters Club illustrated by Raina Telgemeier are great too. You can read more about this popular series on our other post!

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Smile was published in 2010 and is the first of Raina’s semi-autobiographical graphic novels. It describes Raina’s experience of knocking out her teeth and the ensuing orthodontic journey. It also goes into the ups and downs of high school friendships.

Sisters (2014) is the story of sibling rivalry, adjustment and love based around the relationship between Raina and her younger sister, Amara.
This book also explores other family relationships, including the parents’ marriage and the conflicts with cousins.

Guts is the most recent instalment (2019) and my favourite of the three. It describes the ways that anxiety can display in kids such as nausea and food avoidance, and the ways that Raina learned to manage her worries and stress.
Identifying anxiety can be difficult for kids and this visual representation can help readers learn to notice these feelings in themselves and learn techniques for dealing with them.

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