Kids books with Melody – Funny Fiction

Getting kids who don’t usually like to read can be pretty difficult. The trick that I have found is to try lots of different types or genres of books and really try to figure out what they like.
For my daughter it was easy – she loved to read from a young age and luckily liked reading the same things as me so it was easy to recommend and inspire her, but with my son….Aaarrgghhh! Everything I suggested was too boring, too long, not what he liked. Boring!? How could books about magicians and dragons be boring? Turns out, this boy likes funny. If you are having the same battles, here are a great selection of humourous, funny, rib tickling, and sometimes rude junior fiction books to keep them interested and hopefully get them reading regularly.

When Tom’s big brother decides to become an Evil Scientist, his first experiment involves dunking Frankie the goldfish into toxic green gunk. Tom knows that there is only one thing to do: Zap the fish with a battery and bring him back to life! But there’s something weird about the new Frankie. He’s now a Big Fat Zombie Goldfish with hypnotic powers… and he’s out for revenge!

This book is part one of series by author and comedy performer Mo O’Hara. One review I read of this book mentioned how unrealistic it was that the zombie goldfish was going to school. Based on this little snippet of irony, I would recommend this to any child with: a) a sense of humour, b) a little common sense, and c) an understanding of the difference between reality and what you might expect when reading a book with this title. Personally, I found it to be funny, silly and slightly violent in the way that a good cartoon can be – in other words a great story to keep kids reading and entertained!

George Brown is still trying his hardest to stay out of trouble at his new school. But his magic burps keep landing him in mega-trouble, like when George and his new pal Alex build a volcano for their school project. Or even worse, when George joins a band and performs in the school’s talent show. Seems like no matter what he does, this kid’s a trouble magnet!

This is the second book in the George Brown Class Clown series which follows the adventures and mishaps that happen to poor George because of his Super Burps that make him do crazy and silly things and get into lots of trouble. This book would likely appeal to young boys from around 8 years old.

Just Annoying is a book about a boy with a dream to become the most annoying kid in the world. Andy (the boy) is the champion of annoying everyone around him including his sister, his friends and his parents. This story is hilarious for boys and girls alike (but probably not for adults!) Andy Griffiths is the master when it comes to writing what kids like to read. I am sure he is just a big kid himself and that is what makes all of his books amazing and in particular those that he has written with Terry Denton.
For some more great books by Andy and Terry to keep your children reading and entertained, check out the list below:
The 13-storey treehouse written by Andy Griffiths & illustrated by Terry Denton
The 26-storey treehouse written by Andy Griffiths & illustrated by Terry Denton
The 39-storey treehouse written by Andy Griffiths & illustrated by Terry Denton
Just disgusting! written by Andy Griffiths & illustrated by Terry Denton
Just doomed! written by Andy Griffiths & illustrated by Terry Denton
Just shocking! written by Andy Griffiths & illustrated by Terry Denton