Tom could not wait to be a dad, so he could spend less time at work.
Now he looks forward to going back to the office every Monday morning, because at least his computer doesn’t scream!


Image by OpenClipart-Vectors. CC0 – public domain.

There are all sorts of dads – tall, short, sporty, crafty, cool, nerdy, funny, brave, clever, strong … But a dad’s main role is to love and support his children. Dads are celebrated all around the world on Father’s Day. In Australia, Father’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September. But we don’t need to wait until Father’s Day to acknowledge the important role dads play in the lives of their children! There are many delightful children’s picture books that celebrate dads and their role as parents. Here are just a few!

Book One

Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems

Many small children have a favourite stuffed toy or comfort item (e.g. blanket) that they simply cannot be without. For my daughter, it was (and still is) a bunny. However, her bunny is called Fluffy Bunny and the one in this hilarious and relatable tale is Knuffle Bunny. And let me just say, there is no bed time if Fluffy Bunny is missing. And for Trixie’s dad, there is no peace until Trixie’s missing Knuffle Bunny is found. Of course, Trixie’s dad doesn’t know why Trixie is so upset, as he cannot understand her gibberish. Fortunately, of course, Trixie’s mum knows precisely what’s wrong. When Daddy finally finds Knuffle Bunny among the wet laundry, he reclaims hero status.

Book Two

Time for Bed, Daddy by Dave Hackett

Children love this book – they think it’s hilarious. It flips the bedtime routine, as a small girl has to get her dad ready for bed. But how can she put her daddy to bed when he doesn’t want to go? A bubble bath, horsey rides, monster check and bedtime story and song are all deployed to try and coax her daddy into bed. But her daddy uses every excuse under the sun to stay up a bit longer. The clever role reversal aspect of the story captures the exasperation that bedtime can sometimes bring using humour and fun. The bright, cartoon-like illustrations enhance the humour. Fun to read aloud it is a delightful story celebrating the special relationship between dads and their children.

Book Three

The Lion in our Living Room by Emma Middleton

This book shines a light on dads and the type of creative play they can enjoy with their children. Tom and Tilly are full of anticipation and excitement as they await the lion’s arrival. The lyrical text is playful and teasing. ‘Will he come. Won’t he come? Will he come and play?’ This is a game that Tom and Tilly have played before. They know that the lion, their dad, might pounce at any moment. But where and when? The suspense builds through the engaging rhythmical text and the lions hiding within the charming illustrations. It is a celebration of dads and their special role in children’s playtime. The story ends with the promise of more fun with dad another day.

Some other dad themed picture books I enjoy and recommend include Daddy’s Sandwich by Pip Jones, Pizza Day by Melissa Iwai, Funniest Dad in the World by Ed Allen and Kisses for Daddy by Frances Watts. (Three of these titles are not currently available in our collection).

A Rhyme or Two


I know a special kind of guy
And Daddy is his name-O!


And Daddy is his name-O!

If You’re Happy and you Know It

If You’re happy and you know it, clap your hands
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands
If you’re happy and you know it, then you really ought to show it
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands

… stamp your feet

… shout “Hooray!”

… let dad sleep!

Image by PublicDomainPictures / 18042. CCo – public domain.

Crafty Idea

Decorate a ‘DAD’ card

Method: On a piece of A4 white card (or A3 white card for a larger version) write the letters D-A-D in bubble writing, making sure that each letter is joined to the next (as in the picture above). Cut out and then colour the letters with a marker or paint. Then decorate further with patterned paper shapes (e.g. stars, hearts and diamonds), buttons, ribbon, lace, sequins, stickers and glitter. You could also cut shapes from self-adhesive glitter foam if you have some. Fold the card on the joins so that it stands up. Place finished card somewhere your dad can appreciate your art work.

Did You Know?

On the first day of this month it was World Read Aloud Day. Every year World Read Aloud Day calls global attention to the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories. I strongly encourage you to read aloud to your children every day. Happy reading!