ANZAC Day is approaching, less than three months away, and here at the library we are planning our activities to mark the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli and the birth of ANZAC as we know it.

We have many exciting things planned like the 10th Light Horse Exhibition here at Success Library and the coming April holidays where we will be asking people to help decorate by making poppies at an event.

In the lead up we are also getting in a number of new resources about ANZAC Day, World War I, and Australia at War.

We are holding a set of special ANZAC themed Storytimes at Cockburn Libraries in the week leading up to ANZAC Day and one of the books we have bought is a wonderful book for explaining ANZAC Day to young children.

Why are they marching, Daddy?

Why are they marching, Daddy

This book is a perfect introduction to ANZAC Day for small children. Told as a conversation between a father and his child as they watch an ANZAC Day parade it answers a range of questions including: why are they marching, what is ANZAC, what is war, who serves in a war, and more.

The thing I really like about this book, and the reason I would recommend it to anyone trying to explain ANZAC Day and war to a small child, is the language that is used. The book is written much like a conversation with a small child and puts into words concepts that it can be very hard to explain on the spot. The book answers those questions for you and does so without being too heavy for a young child.

This one will definitely be read here at Success Library in the week leading up to ANZAC Day and I would recommend it to anyone looking to share this national day with the next generation.

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