What Do You Wish For? by Jane Godwin and Anna Walker

What Do You Wish For? by Jane Godwin and Anna Walker, is a wonderful Christmas book.

It’s a long time until Christmas (unless you’re like me and have already started buying Christmas presents) but the third book that Anna Walker (this time as an illustrator instead of as an author/illustrator) was involved in this year that was Notable, in two categories (Picture Book of the Year and Book of the Year – Early Childhood), is all about a Christmas wish. You can see my other reviews of her books – Alfie’s Lost Sharkie and the winner in the Early Childhood category – Mr Huff.

This is such a lovely story. It all takes place on the day/night of a Christmas concert held by a group of children. Before the concert all of the children make a Christmas wish and tie it to the tree that is near where they perform. Through the story we trail one little girl as she tries to decide on a Christmas wish and reflects on what Christmas time means.

The end papers on this book are a delight – they hold little wishes that we don’t see in the book and it’s something sweet to share if you are reading this book one-on-one.

This book is wonderfully Australian for Christmas – the idea of an outside Christmas show, the wishes all hung in a wide-branched tree covered in leaves like you would find in many streets and yards. The main character talked about it being light when her father comes home from work. All of these things make me think of my Christmases. It’s nice to hear about white Christmases, and I do hope to experience one…one day, but for me Christmas is about eating a roast on a too hot day and having water gun fights in the front yard before opening presents and lamenting the fact that everyone else has already secured the best nap spots – and that I’m not old enough to just nap where I’m sitting like my mum and dad.

This book reminds me of Christmas time when I was a teacher too – getting ready for the Christmas show when I was teaching in Beverley where we were singing ‘Six White Boomers’ and the fun we had to get to the night.

I really loved this book and I wanted to read it during Children’s Book Week but I think it might be even better to wait and share it will all of my Storytime children in December instead.

I give this book five out of five for making me feel very Christmassy on a wet Winter day.

And this is the end of our Children’s Book Week reviews for 2016. Now we’re going to move our focus to the holidays, Storytimes, and Pram Jams left to come this year. We’ll see you all at the library.