We are in the middle of Summer. The school holidays have another week and a half to go and lots of parents out there are hanging out getting ready to send their children back to school.

For lots of the Storytime parents this might be the first time they have sent their child to school and it can be stressful for lots of parents and children. As an ex-teacher I can tell you that once the initial nerves are over most children end up having a ball at school.  Kindergarten, or Pre-Primary, are lots of fun as well as being great places to learn and socialise.

In the lead up to the new school year you, and your child, might need a little comfort so in my Storytime post this time I’m going to be looking at some books about school just for you.

George’s Dragon Goes to School by Clair Freedman with illustrations by Russell Julian

George's Dragon Goes To School

A dragon might not be the obvious pet to take with you for news because they breathe fire, are very large, and might scare some children but in this fun story George’s dragon Sparky turns out to be a wonderful addition to the class’s swimming lessons.

Starting School by Jane Godwin with illustrations by Anna Walker


This book is a great one to read when talking about starting school because it takes the school day apart and discusses each part on individual pages. Things like: making friends, getting ready, the playground, and packing up along with many more are dealt with separately by five children who all look at their school day differently. This is the book I would recommend to read with your child to prepare them for what they to expect as they tackle school. The book is Australian which means most of the terms are the ones children will be using as well.

First Day by Andrew Daddo with illustrations by Jonathan Bentley

First Day

The first day of school can be scary and there are lots of things you need to remember along with the fact that the best thing about waving goodbye is the next wave will be hello – which may be one of my favourite lines in any picture book, ever. And the fun twist at the end of this book is that it’s all about Mum, or any parent, being the one who is the saddest to wave goodbye. This is another great choice for a book about getting ready to go to school for the first day.

Now that we’ve covered some great books all about going to school we can practise an amazing song that every child going to school should know – the wheels on the bus. There are variations of this song/action rhyme but this one is specifically related to school.

The Wheels On The Bus

The wheels on the bus
go round and round.
Round and round,
round and round.
The wheels on the bus
go round and round.
All the way to school!

Wipers … go swish swish swish
Horn … goes beep beep beep
Students … go up and down
Children … go ha ha ha
Teachers … go sh sh shh!


Our craft for the school kit is something fun for storing those pencils, crayons, textas at home.

Name pencilcase

You will need a few things to make this pencil case:
– piece of felt
– fabric markers
– velcro dots
– PVA/craft glue

Run a line of glue down opposite sides of the felt.
Fold the felt in half. Leave to dry.
Decorate the front with name and pictures.
Attach velcro to the top so that it can be secured.

Then you’ll have a fun pencil case to keep things in.

If you have a book, rhyme, or craft about going back to school we would love to hear about it below.


With school about to start all of the library’s regular children’s activities are coming back. We have something for all ages on different days.

Coolbellup Library – Pram Jam at 10am

Success Library – Storytime at 9:30am
Spearwood Library – Storytime at 10:30am

Success Library – Pram Jam at 10am
Coolbellup Library – Storytime at 10:30am

Spearwood Library – First Thursday of the month – Pram Jam at 10am

Success Library – Storytime at 9:30am
Spearwood Librayr – Storytime at 10:30am