It’s is NoMovember at the moment and we took the opportunity at Success to use this important message at our Storytime sessions. It was such good fun that I thought it best to share with you while it’s still relevant. In case you aren’t aware, Movember is a month devoted to promoting men’s health. This is a very important topic for all of the dads, grandads, uncles, and male care givers out there but it’s also important for all of the boys that come along to Storytime.

Our books aren’t really about Movember they are about the very public face of this charity – MOUSTACHES! Did you know that women can get into the spirit in Movember as well by wearing a fake one if you’re unable to grow one?

The Books

Book-o-Beards by Donald Lemke and Bob Lentz
I love this book. Basically, it’s a book that you wear and it give you a quite impressive beard. When we did this at Storytime I’d read it out and get one of the kids to come up and wear the beard and say whatever was prompted on the page.
The Lumber Jack

Moustache Baby
Mustache Baby by Bridget Heos with illustrations by Joy Ang
Born with a moustache this baby could have gone two ways – a bad-guy moustache or a good-guy moustache. Through this book the moustache plays a bit part in determining character but in the end will he be a good-guy or a bad-guy?

And now for the rhyme….well, there aren’t really any rhymes about moustaches so I’ll give you another book instead.

The Moustachapillar
The Moustachapillar by Jonty Lees is quite a cute little story about a boy who wants a moustache but he is too small to grow one so he looks around to see what could be used as a substitute – then he finds a hairy caterpillar and a truly symbiotic friendship is born. I really enjoyed reading this one at Storytime.

We love letters here at Storytime and we often look at our theme and talk about the first letter and what sound that letter makes. Then I test the kids…and my brain, to see what other words we can think of that start with the same sound. It’s a really good game to play and important for later reading, writing, and spelling successes. It’s a bit tricky for me since I can never think of words when on the spot at the front of a Storytime group.

And, in following this love of letters we love names and try to encourage children to be really familiar with the letters in their name and the first letter in their name. Normally, we do things like a train for name practise but we thought we’d be ambitious this time and get the children to cut out their first letter and give themselves a moustache.

Movember Craft

What you need:
– card,
– paper for writing/printing you letter onto,
– scissors and glue,
– textas/crayons,
– wool

What you do:
1. Draw/print and cut our the first letter of your name.
2. Glue it onto the card.
3. Draw a face onto the letter.
4. Add wool to make a moustache.
And there you go – you’ve got your letter moustache portrait.

We got into the spirit of Movember with fake mo’s at the Storytime.
Michaela with mo and book
Unfortunately, mine kept falling off so I ended up drawing it on with whiteboard marker – there is no photographic evidence though…

If you have a Movember/moustache book, craft, or anything else please comment below and let us know.