We’re still on holidays from Storytime at the moment but we like to keep giving you fun things to do at home when you can’t come to Storytime. Whenever we do Lions & Tigers we always have some kids that swear that lions and tigers eat people. So, we always try to bring a little fact into the fun of Storytime specially with themes like this one which are all about animals.

The Books

Big Cats Closeup by Carla Litchfield

Big Cats Closeup

You’re never too young for some facts and we have a broad collection of junior non-fiction books across all three branches. But, this book which has beautiful pictures and very concise, informative text is probably the favourite non-fiction book I’ve read at a Storytime. It is simply perfect for the age group.
Something to remember with non-fiction books is that the language is amazing and it is important for language development, but also cognitive development, to use these words with children. It takes a child over 100 opportunities of hearing a word for them to be able to use it correctly and the most language we expose children to the better they will be able to comprehend the oral language around them and the written language that they will be reading. And, there is no ‘story’ to a non-fiction book so you can pick and chose which sections/pages/chapters you want to read.

In The Lion by James Foley

In The Lion

Written and illustrated by West Australian James Foley this is a cute book and fits into the belief that children have that lions and tigers eat people. We always talk about what lions and tigers actually eat but before we get there we have to read…that there is a zoo in the city and that in that zoo is a lion and inside the lions is…a range of different people who go into the lion’s enclosure. But in the end all is well becuase a little boy named Richard who is armed with a giant toothbrush saves them all. He has the heart of a lion, after all. This is a very sweet book to read.

If You Go Walking In Tiger Wood by Alan Durant and illustrated by Debbie Boon

If You Go Walking In Tiger WoodIf You Go Walking In Tiger Wood - page

This is a great book that asks the children to really look at the book. As you can see in the picture above the tigers are not a main character but we have to find them on the page and this is a great activity for children learning to track. Tracking is the ability to follow a line (of text or an actual line) without diverting unless needed as well as the ability to drop down to the next line when needed. Practising this skill can be as simple as this – scanning the page to find a hidden tiger. This book is also full of rhyme, repetition and lovely language.


Because we are dealing with two big cats I don’t want to annoy one by leaving them out of the rhyme so I have two rhymes for you today.

Lion Cubs
One cub napping in the sun,
Two cubs playing pounce and run.
Three cubs make a special wish,
Four cubs fishing for a fish.
Five cubs hiding in the grass,
Six cubs running really fast.
Seven cubs blinking crossed blue eyes,
Eight cubs chasing butterflies.
Nine cubs cuddled tail to head,
Ten cubs bouncing on the bed.

Tiger Cub, Tiger Cub
Tiger cub, tiger cub – turn around,
Tiger cub, tiger cub – touch the ground.
Tiger cub, tiger cub – show your claws,
Tiger cub, tiger cub – shake your paws.

Tiger cub, tiger cub – jump up high,
Tiger cub, tiger cub – show me a smile.
Tiger cub, tiger cub – creep along the ground,
Tiger cub, tiger cub – pounce without a sound.

Craft – Lion Plate Face

Lion Plate Craft (3)

What you need:
– Paper plate
– Orange/yellow card
– Googly eyes
– Orange/yellow tissue paper
– Scissors/glue/textas.

What to do:
1. Using the Lion plate face template, print and cut out.
2. Glue onto the paper plate, add on two eyes.
3. Cut out and glue on a mane using the tissue paper.

Now you have a lion face you can put on the fridge, some rhymes to sing and do, and a few books to read. If we’ve missed your favourite lion or tiger book or you have any suggestions for us on books, rhymes, or craft please comment below and let us know.

Now, we don’t normally talk about more than one craft in one of these blogs but last year when we did this theme at Success we did imaginative craft. We gave children paper plates or small paper bags and a heap of bits and asked them to make lions or tigers. Here is what they came up with.