How fortuitous that it’s my turn to write a Storytime blog during Children’s Book Week. So, my blog is going to be about Children’s Book Week!
And, as I’ve been running around quite a lot to get everything prepared for this amazing week of events. So my blog post is going to be short and sweet this week.

Notable/Shortlisted Books

Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas by Aaron Blabey


I reviewed this book as part of our Children’s Book Week reviews. And I shared it at my Bookstars session yesterday – it’s short, rhyming, fun, and has a little of that humour that makes children, and adults, laugh. The piranhas prefer something that rhymes with plum…not bananas…can you work out what it is? I always have a little chuckle when I read this book – it amuses me.

The Cow Tripped Over The Moon by Tony Wilson


I adore this book. Everyone knows the rhyme – but what we don’t know is that…that was not the cow’s first attempt. This book humourously tells the story of all the ‘tries’ to jump over the moon. I am so looking forward to sharing this with my Storytime group on Friday. I think everyone should read this book. It was named an Honour Book this year which it really deserved.

Thunderstorm Dancing by Katrina Germein


This book is just beautiful. It all takes place at a beach house as a thunderstorm is rolling it. The main character likens each member of her family to the different parts of the storm. It has lovely pictures, wonderful rhyming text, and it’s very sweet to read on rained out days inside.

I also want to give a nod to Mr Huff – this book, deservedly, won the title of Book of the Year: Early Childhood and I love it. But, it’s a book for sharing with one, or two, children on your lap because there is so much to talk about with this book. I was sad I couldn’t read it at my Storytime but it’s a wonderful book and EVERYONE should read it.


I made up this little rhyme for inclusion on our Pram Jam giveaway mats so I have to include it here.

Twinkle Twinkle Southern Stars

Twinkle twinkle southern stars
How I marvel that you’re ours
Up above Australia, high
Like a cross in the sky
Twinkle twinkle southern stars
How I marvel that you’re ours


I have two crafts for you today. Both borrowed from Cleverpatch’s CBW magazine.


Cow Tripped Over The Moon

To make this:

  • I painted a paper plate and piece of card grey.
  • Downloaded the picture of a cow and then cut it up to make the legs jump and stuck it onto another piece of paper.
  • Using a split pin I attached the piece of card to the plate.
  • I glued the cow to the end of the piece of card.
  • I scrunched up and glued on some al-foil craters.
  • And now I have a cow that can jump over the moon.


A piranha

To make this:

  • I drew a piranha – big circle with a fin at the top and a tail. Then I drew a line down the centre to show where the piranha would be cut in half.
  • I coloured it in using the book for a guide.
  • Cut it down the middle and teeth.
  • Glued it on to a clothes peg (that I had glued two popstick onto to give it some strength).
  • Then when it’s dry you can eat all the plums you like.

I will leave you with a photo of all of the staff at Success who dressed up for this stupendous week. I’d love to know what you did this Children’s Book Week!