Term four has started and that means Storytime and Pram Jam are back for the next ten weeks. And my newest Storytime blog is here. It’s a new Storytime theme for us and it’s all about the Circus.

The circus is an exciting topic, we have clowns and acrobats, magicians and strong-(wo)men. I personally love this topic because I wrote my very own draw and tell story for this theme. I am very proud of it but we’ll get to it later in the post.

First, we have the books:

Extraordinary Jane by Hannah E. Harrison

Extraordinary Jane

Jane would like to be extraordinary like everyone else in the Circus. Her father is a strong-dog, her sisters are tightrope walkers. In the end Jane realises that just being Jane is all she needs to do. This is a lovely story with few words but a lot of humour and story in the pictures.

Spot Goes to the Circus by Eric Hill

Spot Goes To The Circus

The Spot books are excellent. Every one of them. They mix flaps with short and lovely stories and are a perennial favourite. In this book Spot loses his ball and must chase it through the circus, he checks the lion’s mouth, he flies high to ask the monkey acrobats, and finally he finds it and learns a new skill.


The rhyme this time around is a finger rhyme like this little piggie…called

This Little Clown

This little clown is fat and grey (hold up your thumb)
This little clown does tricks all day (hold up forefinger)
This little clown is tall and strong (hold up middle finger)
This little clown is wee and small (hold up ring finger)
And this little clown can do anything at all (hold up pinkie finger)

Finger rhymes and play are excellent for building up the muscles in little hands which they need for cutting, writing, and all manner of other things in both everyday life and at school.

Draw and Tell Story

A draw and tell story is one that has instructions as part of the story. You draw along with the instructions and end up with a picture at the end.

Circus Draw and Tell BLOG

I made one for this kit and the end result is a big top circus tent. Download the Circus Draw and Tell here.

The Craft

My favourite part of a storytime session is the craft. There are so many amazing things about the craft. It connects to the short term memories and world knowledge created during the reading portion. It asks children to use their imagination and brains to create something wonderful and it gives them a chance to practise their cutting, drawing, colouring, writing, and assembly skills which they will need when they get to school.

I like clowns (hopefully no one has coulrophobia) and the craft today is to make a clown face. This is a good activity for talking about facial features as well as language like above, below, bottom, and top.

Clown Face Craft

You need:
– large paper plate
– patty pan
– googly eyes
– pop poms
– String or wool for a mouth

Glue the items on the face so that the eyes are below the hair but above the nose. And the smile is below the nose as well or at the bottom with the hair at the top.

You could even use this craft as a chance to practise following instructions.

If you have a circus book, rhyme, or craft you would like to share we would love to hear about it.