Hi there! Hope you’re all well. Rainy days is the theme I’ve picked this time round, which is apt because, well we are having quite a few rainy, cold winter days. Winter is not my favourite time of year, I much prefer the warm summer weather, but there is one thing that summer does not have, and that is of course muddy puddles! Which brings me to the first book I’m recommending for rainy day reading.

Rainy Day Books


 The biggest muddy puddle in the world 

Any Peppa Pig book works well at Storytime. Whenever I pull one out of my trolley the kids lose their minds. Peppa is one happening piggy – toddler royalty. Fame and celebrity idol-ism aside this book is a great read.
It rains and rains while Peppa and George sleep, they wake up hoping that there are plenty of muddy puddles to jump in. But alas, instead of glorious muddy puddles they find that there has been a flood. Peppa, George, Grandpa Pig, Granny Pig, and Polly Parrot head off to pick up supplies for all the town folk in their boat. Polly is supposed to remember the shopping list but forgets when they arrive at the shop. Luckily Peppa remembers the list and she saves the day. As I read this I ask the kids to remember what is on the list. Then at the end I see if they can remember like Peppa does – an excellent and fun memory exercise. And yes, Peppa gets her muddy puddle at the end, once the flood waters recede.


Grandpa and Thomas and the green umbrella / Pamela Allen

Pamela Allen is one of my favourite picture book author/illustrators. The illustrations are vibrant and engaging, the words are designed to be read aloud and are perfect for shared reading between adult and child. The simple storylines are easy for little ones to relate to.
Grandpa and Thomas head to the beach on a bright sun-shiny day. All of a sudden the weather changes and the wind picks up the green umbrella and blows it away. Grandpa and Thomas run fast to try and catch it.
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Rainy Day Rhyme

i hear thunder

Rainy Day Craft

What you need:

  • A4 paper
  • coloured patty pans
  • glue
  • stickers
  • crayons
  • pipe cleaners

What to do:

Fold the patty pans in half, thread the pipe cleaner through the top and glue onto the page. Draw raindrops and decorate. When we made these at Storytime the kids really used their imaginations. We had pictures with superheros, rain clouds, spotty umbrellas, and butterflies.

Rainy day craft

Please share any of your favourite rainy day rhymes or stories. See you at Storytime!