Hi everybody! Welcome back to a brand new Storytime year.  It has been lovely to see you all again and welcome some new faces. We have lots of good stuff planned for the year ahead and lots of shiny new storytime themes to share! YAY! Right now though I am going to share one of our old themes- Penguins. This theme is lots of fun, who doesn’t love penguins? Also waddling (see rhymes below) is great way to get up and active.
Let’s talk about the books.


How high is the sky

How high is the sky? | Anna Milbourne and Serena Riglietti

Pipkin was a very small penguin who was always asking very big questions, like: How deep is the sea? Does the sun go to bed at night? and most importantly, how high is the sky? Join Pipkin and his friends on an amazing journey as he finds the answer to these very important questions.
This book is great for getting questions flowing and little minds thinking. The last page folds out to a really tall poster that gives measurements from earth all the the way to the moon.

Lost and found

Lost & Found | Oliver Jeffers

This heartwarming tale begins when a boy finds a sad looking penguin at his door. The boy thinks the reason for the penguins sadness must be that he is lost. The boy decides he must take the penguin home – all the way to the South Pole, in a rowboat.
Another lovely story written and illustrated by the very talented Oliver Jeffers, be sure to check out his other titles in our collection.


Both of these are action rhymes. Get ready to get your waddle on!

I’m A Little Penguin
(sung to the tune of ‘I’m a little teapot’)

I’m a little penguin black and white,
I waddle to the left and I waddle to the right.
I cannot fly but I can swim, so I waddle to the water and jump right in!

Three Little Penguins 

Three little penguins dressed in black,
Waddle waddle forward, waddle waddle back.
They stand on ice and look so neat,
As they waddle along on their flat little feet.


This craft is not only fun, it provides the opportunity to practise cutting skills, which is great for fine motor skill development.

penguin craft – click here to print this little guy.

Print out and:

  • colour in.
  • glue mosaic squares all over it.
  • glue and cover in glitter,
  • cut out.

This is what mine looks like, I would love to see photos of yours at home.

Penguin craft 2-page-001See you at Storytime!