I have a brand new music themed Storytime to share with you all this week. As most of you seasoned storytimers will know music is not new to Storytime; in addition to stories each session is filled with rhymes, songs and sometimes, a big favourite – EGG SHAKERS!

Music and movement are vital for children and play a big part in increasing early literacy skills, here’s how:

  • Listening to and singing songs builds phonological awareness because often each syllable of a word connects to a note and  most songs have rhyming words. Both of these together help children hear the individual parts of each word.
  • Music evokes movement, children require movement for development and growth.
  • And the big one: moving, dancing, and singing are FUN. We  make storytime fun by including craft and rhymes and moving around (these are also great for fine motor skill development and social skills) so your children connect reading and the library with happy times, this in-turn fosters a love of reading and literacy.


animal music

Animal Music / Julia Donaldson & Nick Sharratt

Another brilliant picture book by one of my favourite authors / illustrators Nick Sharratt and the fabulous  Julia Donaldson of The Gruffalo & Room on the Broom fame.  Animal Music contains simple rhyming text and vibrant illustrations of animals playing various instruments, which lends to the opportunity to act out sounds and animal movements. I often ask children midway through a story questions like “What animal is that? “What noise does it make?” “What does that animal eat?” Asking questions allows the child to develop and practise their comprehension skills which will be an invaluable tool when they go to school.


Juicy juicy green grass and other fun songs / Peter Combe & Danielle McDonald

‘Summer’s been so dry, turned you into brown. Will you come back? Juicy juicy green grass.’ – back of book.
This book from the very talented Peter Combe contains four fun songs and a CD so you have the option for reading , singing along or just shaking your groove thing. If you’re not familiar with Mr Combe’s work check out the clip below of his very popular “Wash your face In Orange Juice”.


If you’re happy and you know it

If you’re happy and you know it sing a song, if you’re happy and you know it sing a song (la la la laa)
If you’re happy and you know it then you really ought to show it, if you’re happy and you know it sing a song.
If you’re happy… play the guitar
If you’re happy… bang the drums
If you’re happy… play the piano

Shake it high, shake it low

Shake it high, shake it low
Round and round is how we go.
Shake it fast, shake it slow,
Can you reach and touch your toes?
Shake it right, shake it left,
Touch your shaker to your nose
Shake it wide, shake it thin,
Round and round is how we go.


Paper plate shaker
You need:
Two paper plates
Large pop-stick
Dry beans or pasta

Colour in and decorate the back of both paper plates.
Staple plates together leaving a small gap to fill with beans and or pasta.
Insert pop-stick into small gap, secure with glue or tape and you should have a fabulous, noisy music maker like the one below.

music shaker

See you at Storytime!