Hello friends. Hope you are all well? You may have noticed I’ve been missing from a few of my Tuesday Storytimes – I’m now sharing the Tuesday session with the very lovely Michaela – so one week she will tell the stories and the next week you’ll have me and so on.
Righto – let’s talk about the books – this time round I’m talking MONSTERS! AGGGHHH!

Monster reads

The Gruffalo /Julia Donaldson
This classic does not need much of an introduction; it is a favourite with children of all ages. For those that haven’t read it – the story starts with a teeny, weeny little protagonist – Mouse. Mouse is taking a stroll through the deep dark woods, along his travels Mouse meets some shady characters that would like to do bad things to him, like have him for tea (not to be confused with over for tea). To scare off his foes, Mouse creates a fantastical creature  – the Gruffalo. Imagine Mouses surprise when the Gruffalo turns out to be real!
Interesting fact: Did you know that the story almost didn’t have a Gruffalo in it at all- the Gruffalo started as a Tiger but the author – Julia Donaldson couldn’t find words that rhymed with Tiger!


Little big mouth / Jeanne Willis
‘Little green monster thinks it’s funny to call Blue Monster names – so why is no one else laughing?’
This book can be read a number of times,  children will have lots of fun creating different monsters with the mix and match pages. Apart from the fun and silliness of the split pages this story sends an important message; name calling is not a nice thing to do.

little big



Bedtime for monsters / Ed Vere
‘Do you ever wonder if somewhere not too far away, there might be MONSTERS? In this laugh-out-loud dinnertime bedtime tale, what this hungry monster really wants is… ‘
The hilarious tale ends with a monstrous twist. This story is perfect to read aloud- it really keeps the kids guessing. Warning: it is slightly scary so not recommended for little fellas that scare easily.



Monster Rhyme


Five little monsters

5 little monsters jumping on the bed,
1 fell off and bumped its head,
Mama called the doctor and the doctor said…
No more monsters jumping on the bed!
4 little monsters… and continue on until there are no little monsters jumping on the bed.

Monster craft



  • paper bag
  • stickers, pom poms, pipecleaners, googly eyes
  • glue, textas and scissors.


Decorate the bag as you wish – add some crazy hair, googly eyes and wallah! You have yourself a freaky looking monster!

Hope you enjoy my book suggestions – please comment below if you have any suggestions of your own.