Nee-naw, nee-waw, woot-woot EMERGENCY!!

Emergency as a Storytime theme is so much fun, it’s also an important topic to teach to the little guys.  All children should know the basics of what to do in an emergency; how to cope and who to call, the earlier they learn the better. During a recent Emergency Storytime we talked about the different types of emergencies that might happen, the different emergency services and the number to call – 000.  We read exciting stories involving firetrucks, police cars, and ambulances.  Also, I got to wear my shiny red fire warden hat! Most of the kids thought it was pretty cool, one didn’t, but hey you can’t please everyone.

Me in my shiny red warden hat

Me in my shiny red warden hat

The NSW Fire and Rescue department have made this great interactive game for educating children how to cope in an emergency and the appropriate use of 000. Check it out here

Righto lets talk about the books.


ambulance in action

Ambulance in action


Let’s look at ambulance

Ambulance in action / Peter Bently

Part of the Busy Wheels series, Ambulance in action, is a nice introduction to emergency services for little ones. The illustrations are vibrant and the words are simple. Follow the three characters Ambulance, Meerkat, and Ambulance driver to see what happens when an emergency call is made.

Other emergency themed titles in the Busy Wheels collection are:   Police car on Patrol / Peter Bently and Fire Engine is Flashing / Mandy Archer

Dino rescue

Dinosaur Rescue!

Dinosaur Rescue / Penny Dale

Dinosaurs, and a firetruck. There is also a helicopter and a train. I don’t think I need to write any more. Here’s the summary incase that hasn’t convinced you-

When a crew of builder dinosaurs break down on a level crossing, they know the only thing they can do to save themselves is to call Dinosaur Rescue! In no time at all, help is on its way, but will the Dinosaur Rescue team get there in time to stop the train?


Fire! Fire! Emergency!
Someone is in trouble.
Calling all *blue fire trucks
Come on the double!
Spray the water,
Now the fire is out!
“Everyone is safe!”
We all shout.

This can be repeated with a different colours. With a group of children I would give out different coloured cards and ask all the blue to stand up, then the red next time through and so on. At home you could use different coloured blocks, cars, textas – anything and ask your child to pick the corresponding colour.  This is a fun way to introduce colour recognition.



  • A4 card
  • paint
  • wool or string
  • textas or crayons
  • coloured scrap paper.


  • Paint hand and print on to card
  • Glue wool across for the hose
  • Draw or cut out little faces and add to tops of fingers
  • Draw fire and water

At the end you should have your very own little firemen putting out a fire. So cute.

Fireman hand-page-001

Thanks for reading! See you at storytime  🙂