Hi there! Hope you are all well. What a busy few weeks we have had, the new library opened and school holidays have finished. Hope you are all enjoying the new Library. If you have visited us recently you may have noticed the giant T-Rex lurking in our foyer, he is actually a Thesaurus Rex 🙂 .

I found this on the interwebs, it made me giggle or should I say cachinnate, snort, guffaw, titter, chortle or laugh …


Dinosaurs as a theme is lots of fun and noisy – ever heard a group of 40 children roar like dinosaurs? ‘Tis rambunctious!!
Last week at storytime we read some great dinosaur books. The two below were the crowd favourites; both books are hilarious and have lovely, vibrant illustrations that encouraged interaction with the children.

P.S. These books would make excellent gifts, as you may be aware there are only (I’m going to drop the C bomb) 58 days until CHRISTMAS!!!

There’s T. Rex gobbling sausages! Stegosaurus spilling beans! Apatosaurs chucking frozen peas are filling the aisles with greens…
A rip-roaring story about a boy whose trip to the supermarket is far from boring.

Dinosaurs were all wiped out, a long way back in history. No one knows quite how or why, now this book solves the mystery…


Dinosaur dinosaur turn around,

Dinosaur dinosaur touch the ground,

Dinosaur dinosaur reach up high,

Dinosaur dinosaur touch the sky,

Dinosaur dinosaur bend down low,

Dinosaur dinosaur touch your toes,

Dinosaur  dinosaur have a ROAR!!!!!!!!


This craft ticks all the boxes:
Fine motor skill development (cutting practise, drawing practise), letter recognition, imaginative craft (coming up with a dinosaur name) and most importantly it is lots of FUN.

What you need
A3 construction card
A4 coloured paper
Coloured card for scraps

What you need to do
Trace feet
Cut out feet
Glue feet onto A3 card
Cut toes out of card
Write your dinosaur name below



What is your dinosaur name?

Do you have a favourite dinosaur book, rhyme or craft? Please share below in the comments.

For more dino related crafts and activities checkout our Cockburn Library Pinterest board – DINOSAURS

See you at Storytime!

(And here is something else to titter, whoop or snicker at )


Thesaurus Rex triumphantly trouncing laconic library loiterers

 Feeling punny? – Caption the photo above.