Hi there, hope you are all well? I’m good, actually I’m really good and  super dooper with cherries on top excited – you’ve probably heard that the new Success Library is almost ready to move into! YAY!

This means so many good things: more room to move around in, shiny new things and most importantly more BOOKS!

The existing Success Library will close its doors 5 pm, Saturday, August 16, and the new Library will be open sometime in September. But what will happen to Success storytime you say? We will be moving for a short time to the Cockburn Youth Centre  (where David currently runs his very popular pram jams) and we would love you to come along – same time, same days, different place.
Keep up to date with the goings on here.

Now let’s talk storytime:


Most children are familiar with all things monkey, so when we talked about monkeys at a recent storytime this is what the kids had to say; Monkeys live at the zoo, they swing from trees, they go OOOOOOOOOO as they scratch their underarms and do a little dance, and they eat bananas. So many good responses – Cockburn storytime kids are the cleverest!

I really enjoy a storytime theme that is based around animals, it provides lots of opportunity to get conversations and questions flowing about animals habitats, diets etc., and is a great time to introduce children to non-fiction books. We have a huge selection of junior non-fiction books. You’ll find non-ficton monkey books here.

Monkey Books

All monkeys love bananas

All monkeys love bananas / Sean Avery  

All monkeys love bananas, well not Lou McGrew, he will scream if he has to eat one more. His best friend Sue the rabbit doesn’t like carrots, she has had enough. They decide to swap dinners; carrots for Lou and bananas for Sue.
The illustrations in this book are fantastic, and the storyline has a nice message – the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Two little monkeys

Two little monkeys / Mem Fox

Two little monkeys hiding in a tree, one named Cheeky and one named Chee. Read along to discover why they are hiding way up in that tree. What do you think they could be hiding from?
This short but sweet book is from Mem Fox the bestselling author of Where is the green sheep? and Possum magic (both favourites of mine). While this one is not quite up there with her other classics, it is still great, the text is repetitive and simple. It is a good choice for children that are learning to read or who like to participate.


If You’re a Monkey and You Know It

If you’re a monkey and you know it, make a funny face.
If you’re a monkey and you know it, make a funny face.
If you’re a monkey and you know it, then your face will surely show it
If you’re a monkey and you know it, make a funny face.

Other actions to add-

Jump around / eat a banana / say OOOoo


Monkey mask
Things you need

  • monkey face template Monkey mask,
  • 1 pop stick,
  • glue, scissors and crayons, and
  • crepe paper.

Things you need to do

  • cut the template out, including the eyes.
  • colour in.
  • glue on the crepe paper and pop stick.

You should end up with a cheeky monkey mask  like the one below. We would love to see a photo of your Monkey Mask.

Monkey puppet

See you at Storytime !