C is for Cat!

Hello again, welcome back! Hope you all had a fantastic Easter / school holidays and ate lots and lots of chocolate…mmm chocolate…Sorry where was I? That’s right, storytime.  The theme I would like to share with you all  is cats. This is one of my favourite themes, everyone loves cats, right? Who hasn’t spent three hours looking at internet cats?? (I may or may not have wasted 3 or more hours looking at internet cats).  If you enjoy wasting time looking at cat or other cute animal pics check out our Pinterest board “Animals like books too” , but wait until you have read this blog post of course.

I hope you enjoy my suggestions and please share any books, rhymes, craft, cute cat memes, GIFs, photos or anything cat related.

Cat Books

keithKeith the cat with the magic hat / Sue Hendra

Meet Keith. Keith the cat with the magic hat. Keith was minding his own business when suddenly an ice cream lands on his head. To stop the other cats laughing at him Keith tells them it’s a magic hat.  The other cats don’t believe him, they want proof.
Is Keith really magic?
This book is full of lovely illustrations and simple text, it is a joy to read out loud.

HettyHetty’s day out / Pamela Allen

Join Hetty on her adventure as she sets off to visit all the people in the town. Everyone has a treat for Hetty. One Plate of baked beans, two pork pies, three lamb chops. MMMmmmm. What treat will Hetty get at her next visit?
This book cleverly combines early literacy, counting and prediction.  As you read with your child, see if they can guess how many treats Hetty will be getting at her next stop. Have a look at each page – is Hetty getting bigger after each treat? Will she fit back through her cat flap?

Want more cat books? Click  here

Cat Action Rhyme

Little Kittens

Five little kittens
(hand in a fist)
All black and white
Sleeping very soundly
All through the night
Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow
(raise each finger)
It’s time to get up now.
credit: Pierce County Library.

Cat Craft

Stuff you need

  • A4 card / paper
  • hat elastic
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • hole punch

Stuff you need to do

  • print the cat mask template onto the card / paper ( link to template cat mask )
  • colour it in
  • cut it out
  • use a hole punch to cut the holes and thread the elastic through

Cat mask

Tada! You now have a pretty cool cat mask like the one our feline friend is donning above, doesn’t he look fabulous? Please send us in photos if you make one at home.

Tip:  Let your child have a go at cutting the mask out, it may not look great and will take forever but that’s okay- it’s important to let children learn how to hold scissors correctly and build the muscles in their little hands. Our amazing Young People’s Librarian Jessica has produced these fantastic  Cutting Practise worksheets for your little people.  

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