S is for Summer!
Sadly summer is soon to be a distant memory. As the days grow cold let us keep warm by reminiscing about all things summery.

During a recent storytime I asked my wonderful storytime group for summer words that start with S; this is what the clever little guys came up with: sizzling sausages, shells, sand, shade, sun, sharks that go snap! ( aren’t they clever?)

Early literacy tip
Learning letter names, shapes and sounds is a building block to being able to sound out words on a page.
Talk about the letters you see on the cover with your child. When reading ask your child to find one of the letters you saw on the cover. Look at the different writing styles used for letters. Play a game of eye spy – what can you see that starts with the letter S?

Summer reads

An Island In the Sun / Stella Blackstone

Take a seaside adventure under the summer sun, sail along with our little sailor, what do you see? A dolphin jumping, the sun in the sky, an octopus floating in the waves.  Get your child to tell you what they see.

Looking for Crabs / Bruce Whatley
A family goes to the beach for a holiday. They can’t find any crabs, not one, not in the pools, not under any rocks. Where are all the crabs? Maybe there just aren’t any crabs. Or are there? Maybe they are just really good at hiding.
This book is loads of fun, the illustrations are delightful. Lots of fun is to be had spotting the cheeky crabs that the family just can’t find.


Summer Rhyme
Five fat sausages!
 Five fat sausages frying in a pan
All of a sudden – one went “BANG”!
Four fat sausages frying in a pan
All of a sudden – one went “BANG”!
Three fat sausages frying in a pan
All of a sudden – one went “BANG”!
Two fat sausages frying in a pan
All of a sudden – one went “BANG”!
One fat sausage frying in a pan
All of a sudden – it went “BANG”!
No fat sausages frying in a pan.
Tip: Count the sausages on one hand while singing.


Summer Silly
Q. Why don’t oysters share their toys?  A. Because they are shellfish!
Summer craft
Colour in the icecream and decorate with sprinkles.



Do you have any favourite summer reads, rhymes, sillies or crafts? Please share in the comment section.