Animals are a much-loved topic to share with children. Most kids are more than happy to demonstrate their favourite animal sounds and movements, or to draw pictures. Colours, counting and shapes can also be discussed in relation to animals. Many children are also interested in the differences between zoo animals, wild animals, farm animals and pets, and making lists of these. For my Storytime blog this week, I am focusing on zoo animals which are often exciting for children as we do not see many of these creatures in everyday life.

Books about the zoo

ABC Zoo by Rod Campbell

Rod Campbell’s bright illustrations of animals and the ever-popular lift-the-flaps format combine to create a fun alphabet book. Check the catalogue for other engaging books by this popular author and illustrator.

The star of the zoo by Virginie Zurcher and Daniel Howarth

In this beautifully illustrated book, Little Star tumbles from the sky and lands at the zoo. The animals (and children reading the book) learn a lesson in teamwork as they help her to get home.

The way to the zoo by John Burningham

Sylvie discovers a door in her room… she goes down the steps, along the passage, through another door and find herself in the zoo! She begins to bring different animals into her room every night. One morning, she forgets to close the door and there is animal chaos!

Going to the zoo rhyme

Daddy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow,
Zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow.
Daddy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow,
And we can stay all day!
We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.
How about you, you, you?
You can come too, too too.
We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.
See the elephant with the long trunk swinging,
Great big ears and a long trunk swinging.
Snuffling up peanuts with a long trunk swinging,
And we can stay all day!
See all the monkeys scritch-scritch scratching,
Jumping around and scritch-scritch scratching.
Hanging by their long tails scritch-scritch scratching,
And we can stay all day!
We stayed all day, now we’re getting sleepy,
Sitting in the car getting sleep sleep sleepy.
Home already and we’re sleep sleep sleepy,
We have stayed all day.
We’ve been to the zoo, zoo, zoo.
So have you, you, you. You came too, too, too.
We’ve been to the zoo, zoo, zoo.

Paper bag lion craft

What you need

  • Paper bags
  • Wool
  • Coloured markers or crayons
  • Buttons
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue

What to do

  • Glue googly eyes and button nose to paper bag
  • Draw mouth
  • Cut and glue wool for mane

Image:  Clipart downloaded from Clipart Panda