Big and small, up and down, front and back, right and wrong… Opposites are things, feelings or ideas that are completely different to each other.

Books about opposites 

We have many books here at Cockburn Libraries that can help your child to understand this concept.

Is it big or is it little? by Claudia Rueda

This book explores opposites and perspective with minimalist illustrations and text. The cat and mouse experience events from different viewpoints – what is big to the mouse is small to the cat, and so on.

Where is the green sheep? by Mem Fox

This book is a favourite among many families for it’s simple rhymes, repetition and bright illustrations. Mem Fox is a popular Australian author and she tells the story of this book’s creation on her website. Cockburn Libraries have many copies of this book available including a Maori version and a Talking book.

Eddie and Ellie’s Opposites series has a number of books that introduce and reinforce the idea of opposites in a fun and easy style.

Titles include At the farmAt the parkAt the zoo and At the circus where the cute pair of elephants always end up liking different things.

A rhyme about opposites

This is big, big, big
Stretch hands far to sides
This is small, small, small
Cup hands together over lap
This is short, short, short
Hold palms horizontally, close
This is tall, tall, tall
Hold palms horizontally, far apart
This is fast, fast, fast
Roll hands quickly
This is slow, slow, slow
Roll hands slowly
This is yes, yes, yes
Nod head
This is no, no, no!
Shake head

Happy/sad craft

What you need

  • Crayons/markers
  • Paper plate
  • Popstick
  • Glue or tape

What to do

  • Draw faces on either side of the paper plate
  • Glue popstick to plate


Word for Preschool: Opposite (#3) | Clipart downloaded from PBS LearningMedia, Rights to use this asset expire on do not expire. Asset Copyright Word for Preschool: Opposite (#3) - aekikuis - iStock - Getty Images. (modified)

Image:  Word for Preschool: Opposite (#3) (Modified) | Clipart downloaded from PBS LearningMedia; Asset Copyright Word for Preschool: Opposite (#3) – aekikuis – iStock – Getty Images. Licensed for use