GRRRRR! Last week, our Storytime theme was lions and tigers. It was lots of fun and I do like all sorts of cats, so I decided to write this week’s blog on the same topic.

Books about lions and tigers

Big cats closeup by Carla Litchfield 

During Storytime, we sometimes read a non-fiction book and explain to the children what this means. This book uses close-up photos of a variety of big cats – including lions, tigers, cheetahs and jaguars – to describe their habits, skills and some of the differences between the types of big cats.

The tiger who came to tea by Judith Kerr

This book is an oldie but a goodie… I remember it from my childhood and it has sold over three million copies. The naughty tiger is still appealing to children as he eats all the supper that was cooking, all the food in the fridge and all the packets and tins in the cupboard… even Daddy’s beer!

The lion who lost his roar, but learnt to draw by Paula Knight and Daniel Howarth

This beautifully illustrated book introduces children to many animals, colours and descriptive words. There is an empowering message behind the story, encouraging the discovery of new talents.

Tiger cub, tiger cub rhyme

Tiger cub, tiger cub – turn around,
Tiger cub, tiger cub – touch the ground.
Tiger cub, tiger cub – show your claws,
Tiger cub, tiger cub – shake your paws.

Tiger cub, tiger cub – jump up high,
Tiger cub, tiger cub – show me a smile.
Tiger cub, tiger cub – creep along the ground,
Tiger cub, tiger cub – pounce without a sound.


Lion face craft

What you need

  • Crayons/markers
  • Paper plate
  • Pieces of crepe paper or coloured paper cut into strips
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes

What to do

  • Draw lion face on the paper plate or print out a template and glue it on
  • Glue googly eyes to lion face
  • Glue strips of paper around plate to create a mane

Image:  Clipart downloaded from Clipart Panda