Books, songs and rhymes about the jungle can quickly take children to another world. A world of swinging monkeys, slippery snakes, roaring tigers and many more exciting animals (we don’t tend to mention the biting bugs and other nasties!).
There are dozens of books about jungles and the animals that reside in them, so here are some of our Storytime favourites…

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Jazzy in the jungle by Lucy Cousins

Lucy Cousins (of Maisy fame) is always popular with children coming to the library and this book is no exception. The cut-away pages take readers on an exploration of the jungle looking for Jazzy the baby lemur.

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Rumble in the jungle by Giles Andreae

The rhythm of this book makes it easy to read aloud as it invites children to meet a variety of jungle animals – chimpanzee, lion, elephant and more.

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Fancy dress jungle by Nick Sharratt

Jungle animals in costumes! Bright illustrations and flaps to lift to discover who is dressed in which outfit encourage kids (and parents!) to engage with this book.

The Jungle Book         The Jungle Book        The Jungle Book      Cover - Link opens in a new window

This wouldn’t be a jungle blog without mention of The Jungle Book! The famous book by Rudyard Kipling and the classic 1967 Disney movie have had a recent resurgence in popularity due to the release of the new movie. My kids saw it with their nana so I missed out but it is meant to be great! Keep an eye on our catalogue as we are sure to order the DVD when it is available. You can borrow the classic book, Mowgli’s story, audio books, a secondary reader edition and the DVDs (original, 2-disc version and sequel) from Cockburn Libraries and relive the excitement and adventure with your children.

Jungle rhyme – I went to the jungle one day (to the tune of ‘London Bridge’)

I went to the jungle one day,
Jungle one day, jungle one day.
I saw a LION on the way
And this is what he said… ROAR!

(repeat for other animals such as monkey, elephant, snake)

Swinging monkey craft

jungle craft pic

What you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tissue paper
  • Crayons/markers
  • Straw
  • Monkey picture

What to do:

  1. Print or draw a monkey with its arms up
  2. Colour and decorate your monkey with crayons or makers and scrunched up pieces of tissue paper.
  3. Cut the monkey out and attach its hands to the straw.

If you have a favourite jungle book or craft you’d like to share, please leave a comment below.