Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you …

birthday cake

Happy Birthday is always a very popular storytime theme. After all, what child under the age of ten doesn’t love a birthday? From a very early age children know about birthdays and birthday parties. This makes Happy Birthday an ideal theme to share with young children who are beginning to make connections between their own experiences with those in books and stories. Images of birthday cake, birthday candles, balloons, presents, fairy bread and party hats will immediately engage young children. And the children always love to tell me how old they are.

Books to Read

The Secret Birthday Message

The Secret Birthday Message

On the night before Tim’s birthday he finds a secret note under his pillow. The note is coded with shapes and symbols. By following the instructions in the coded message, Tim finds his super cute  birthday surprise. It’s a bit like a treasure hunt and the children enjoy solving the puzzle along with Tim. The wonderful illustrations with their vibrant colours and the great cutouts on the pages are engaging and add to the fun element of solving Tim’s birthday mystery.

Seven More Sleeps

seven more sleeps

What I love about this story is the surprise ending. Babs the Baby and Fog the Dog are busy helping Mum get ready for a party. With just seven more sleeps until the party, there’s something to do every day leading up to it. There’s invitations to deliver, decorations to make, games to practice, shopping to do, balloons to blow up and a cake to bake. On every page the text and illustrations capture the feelings of excitement and anticipation leading up to the party. But who is the party for?

Jump On Board the Animal Train

Jump on board the animal train

In this fun and colourful picture book, join a small boy and his mum on an adventure to meet the train. It has split pages that reveal some animal friends hiding beneath. Children enjoy guessing which animal it is. The giraffe’s hooves click as he moves, the elephant’s feet plod down the street, the tiger’s tail swishes the rail, the bear’s paws pad on the floor as the animals follow along. There is a special surprise waiting for the little boy when he boards the train.

A Birthday Rhyme


Five Birthday candles
Hold up 5 fingers
Five birthday candles;
Wish there were more.
Blow out one
Blow quickly
Then there are four.
Four birthday candles;
Pretty as can be.
Blow out one
Blow quickly
Then there are three.
Three birthday candles;
Mother bought them new.
Blow out one
Blow quickly
Then there are two.
Two birthday candles;
Birthday cakes are fun.
Blow out one
Blow quickly
Then there is one.
One birthday candle,
A birthday wish is fun.
Blow out one
Blow slowly
Then there are none.

Did You Know?   “Happy Birthday To You” is the world’s most popular song!

Craft Idea
Make a colourful crafty cupcake.

crafty cupcake

Print or copy a picture of a birthday cupcake onto white card. Colour and cut out. Then mix some paint with some PVA glue for the icing. I gave the children a choice of blue, green or pink icing. Ice the cake using a cotton bud. Then decorate the “icing” with sprinkles or 100’s & 1000’s.

And Remember  Reading for pleasure is the most important indicator of the future success of a child. Happy reading!

PS  Please share your children’s favourite birthday stories with us. We love hearing from you.