Every child is an artist ~ Pablo Picasso

Source:https://pixabay.com/en/rainbow-art-paint-artistic-child-1140420/ CC0 - public domain

CC0 – public domain

This week’s storytime theme is ARTSY. Art plays an important role in a child’s education as it helps children to observe, find their voice, make connections, express themselves, innovate, come up with solutions, persevere, see another point of view, break away from stereotypes, and embrace diversity. At preschool level my primary objective is developing children’s fine motor skills through colouring and cutting. Secondly, I like to encourage children to use the whole box of crayons. In the context of art, who says that a bear has to be brown? Which brings me to my first book, Eric Carle’s wonderful story about being a good artist.


The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse

The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse

I love how the minimal text combines with Eric Carle’s vibrant illustrations to deliver a clear message – There are no “wrong” colours in art. This book celebrates creativity and imagination. Carle is convinced that children should not be inhibited by conventional rules but, instead, should be encouraged to express themselves freely and joyfully. Thus you will find a pink rabbit and a green lion and a black polar bear and a yellow cow – you get the idea. So during craft time, can we colour a kangaroo blue? You bet! Can a sheep be green? Of course it can! This wonderful book will inspire young artists to use their imaginations and have confidence in their own creativity.


Monsters Love Colors

Did you know that monsters love to scribble and make new colours? This book from author-illustrator Mike Austin is a great introduction to colour and mixing colours. Children will learn that mixing red and yellow makes orange. And that mixing yellow and blue makes green. And that if you mix red with blue the result will be purple. But do you know what colours need to be mixed together to make Super tropical mega monster rainbow swirl with raspberry on top?

I am an Artist

I Am An Artist

The young boy in this story by Marta Altes is an artist. I love his cool Salvador Dali style moustache and Altes has incorporated subtle nods to famous artists and styles in her awesome illustrations. Our young artist is unable to stop creating because he is inspired by everything! Everywhere he looks he sees art. But unfortunately his mum does not share his zest for and love of art. This book is LOL funny! The boy’s poor suffering mum has to go all zen, meditate and practise yoga postures to cope with her son’s artistic passion. We can only imagine how she will react to his ‘Ode to My Mum’!  A fantastic, clever and humorous ode to art!

An Artsy Rhyme or Two

Making Orange Paint
Tune: “Down by the Station” – written by Jean Warren

Down at the paint store
Early in the morning.
See the little paint cans,
Standing in a row.

See the paint worker
Mix yellow paint, in red.
Stir, stir, stir, stir.
Now it’s orange paint instead!



Looking for Colours

Red, yellow, brown and green
Many colours can be seen.
What do you see that’s …
(pick a colour)




Craft Idea

Let’s make a polka-dotted carousel horse – inspired by Eric Carle’s polka-dotted donkey in The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse.



Method: Print or copy a carousel horse template onto white card. Using a variety of colours, dot paint your horse using cotton buds (one for each colour). Cut out and using strips of crepe paper (any colour!) make a tail for your horse. Tape a drinking straw to the back of your horse. Voila – a work of art!

Why don’t you …

Get all artsy-craftsy with inspiration from Mister Maker. We have more than a dozen different Mister Maker DVDs in our collection for you to borrow.

And Remember

Reading for pleasure is the most important indicator of the future success of a child. Happy reading!


Do you have any artsy-craftsy ideas to share? Why not share them with me. I would love to hear from you!