Babies, babies, babies!!!

This week it’s all about babies in Cockburn with Hello Baby happening tomorrow.

And so, today, my blog post is also all about babies and Storytime at Success Library this week is all about babies as well. I like doing a babies theme at Storytime because lots of the children have younger siblings and small children are always fascinated about the fact they used to be babies so there is always some interesting conversations going on around us.


Book Cover - Baby Brains” title=“View this item in the library catalogue
Baby Brains by Simon James

Baby Brains isn’t just a baby with the last name Brains he’s also so brainy that he is reading the newspaper the day after he comes home from the hospital and goes into space before he is a year old. But, Baby Brains is just like lots of other babies as well because when he is far from home all he wants is his MUMMY!

Book Cover - Upside Down Babies” title=“View this item in the library catalogue
Upside Down Babies written by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Adrian Reynolds

This book is all about what happens when the world turns upside down and the baby animals end up with the wrong mothers. It’s got a lovely rhythm to the text with rhyming and the words are written on the page around the pictures rather than being all in straight horizontal lines. Text written like this encourages children in their exploration of print awareness and improving their visual literacy skills. I think this is a very sweet book and I’m looking forward to sharing with my Storytime group on Friday.

I first saw Baby Brains when my niece and I were watching the CBeeBies Bedtime Stories but Simon James has his own online version:

Book Cover - The Big Tale of Little Peppa” title=“View this item in the library catalogue
The Big Tale of Little Peppa

All children love to look back at themselves as babies. And in this book Peppa and her friend Suzy Sheep get to explore what it means to look back on themselves as babies in a way that children really identify with.

Book Cover - The Swap” title=“View this item in the library catalogue
The Swap written by Jan Ormerod and illustrated by Andrew Joyner

Where would a list of baby books be without at least one that deals with sibling rivalry and the ‘new baby’. We have a list of books that all deal with a second baby or a new baby but this book is about Caroline Crocodile and her smelly, dribbly, boring baby brother. She decides she needs to swap him for a better model and we get a baby panda, baby elephant, and two teeny tigers but none of them are quite right and in the end Caroline realises that her brother is her brother and that means he is just perfect (until the next time)…


One traditional baby song and one for the babies out there. 

Rock a Bye Baby

Rock-a-bye, baby
In the treetop.

When the wind blows,
The cradle will rock.

When the bough breaks,
The cradle will fall,
And down will come baby,
Cradle and all.

Baby’s Game

Touch your ears.
Pat your nose.
Tickle baby’s little toes.

Hide your eyes.
Where are you?
Baby’s playing peek-a-boo!


Baby animals

This is a good opportunity to talk about other types of babies as well…animal babies.

If you have the opportunity to visit an animal farm (like the one that will be at Hello Baby tomorrow) or the zoo, or the Royal Show when it comes around I encourage you to do so. Children like to make connections, and personal experience is the most powerful way that children have of making these connections. They learn through using their senses and getting to touch, smell, hear, and experience the emotional effects that being around animals has, is very powerful for building synapses. As part of this looking at the development of animals is very interesting and if children are lucky enough to see chickens hatch or to watch animals move from babies to adults then their knowledge about these animals and how they go through the process of growing develops. We cannot look at baby animals without also looking at the adult ones and seeing all the stages of an animals life is an important learning experience for children.

The other part of this is looking at baby animals and what names we give them:
A lamb becomes a sheep
A kid becomes a goat
A chick becomes a hen, etc
And all of this knowledge is important for children to know. So, I would encourage you to expose your child to babies in all their many species.


B is for Baby

At my Storytime we often talk about letters and sounds. This is a very powerful conversation because we talk about the letter…this is a B, and we talk about what sound it makes…b-b-b which is part of practising letter awareness and encouraging children to make these sounds develops the muscles that are used for articulation but also gives them an opportunity to play with language. Playing with language is a huge indicator of success in reading, writing, and spelling because children are developing skills that allow them to pull sounds out of words and identify them which is the basic skill you need when moving to the next stages of literacy.

Activities like the craft we above reinforce this learning at home because children have a physical representation of the letter B that they cut out and coloured. In addition they have a picture of something that starts with that same sound. B is for baby. And the great thing about baby is that the B sound isn’t just at the beginning of the word (onset) it’s also in the middle so they have exposure to sounds in different locations.

What you need:
– B template on card
– picture of a baby
– textas/crayons, scissors, glue

What you do:
– Colour in and cut out the B,
– Colour in and cut out the baby (if the baby is too difficult for children to cut out then draw a shape around it for children to cut out instead),
– Attach the baby to the B.

If you still haven’t had enough information about babies check out Karen’s blog post about it as well. We hope to see you at Hello Baby tomorrow!