We just have just had a very special week in library world- not only was it Library & Information week, last Wednesday Cockburn Libraries held National Simultaneous Storytime. National Simultaneous Storytime happens across Australia in schools and libraries. Everyone reads the same book at the same time. This years book was Too Many Elephants in this House by Ursula Dubosarsky.

Too many elephants in this house

This is a silly, imaginative story about a boy- Eric and his elephants. After reading about Eric and his elephants the Success Storytime kids had a go at making their own elephants.
For those of you that come to our fabulous storytime sessions you will already know that after reading a few stories we get stuck into craft making, for those of you that don’t come along- firstly, why not? Secondly, now you do know.  Sometimes we like to put a whole pile of stuff on the table and let the kids go crazy.  We call this imaginative craft, this style of craft teaches kids to bring their own imaginations to life. Children will develop artistic skills while engaging in playful thought.

   We started with this

st scraps


 And ended with these


                                                                                           Hello Kitty Elephant


Daddy Elephant


Measles Elephant


Three Eyed Elephant

 How awesome are these elephants? Very awesome. Check out the rest of the herd on the Cockburn Libraries Flickr page .