Home Storytime

Home, casa, abode, dwelling, digs, whatever you call it, is where you live. The word home immediately conjures images of my actual home and then in turn my mind goes to family. The next thing that comes to my mind is that song, you know the one that goes “Home, let me come home, Home is wherever I’m with you”. I like that line. Home = family. Home as a Storytime theme worked quite well, I think because it is a concept little ones can relate to. Once I started talking about homes they all had stories to tell me about their home and their families and their pets and their shoes. All at once. Was lovely. And loud.
(This is the song. Feel free to have a listen. It’s good.)

Lets have a look at the books:

A new house for charlie / Doris Lecher
Charlie the snail has a broken shell and no place to live. Will Charlie be able to find a new home before Winter arrives?
This one was a hit with the kids. The illustrations are worth a mention – so vibrant. The story ends with a lovely message about friendship.

Too many elephants in this house /Ursula Dubosarsky
I’ve mentioned this one before in a previous post. I really like this book. It was also a National Simultaneous Storytime book in 2014.
In Eric’s house there are too many elephants – in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, even in his bedroom! The elephants take up a lot of space, but Eric loves every one of them. So when his mum says they have to go, Eric comes up with a clever solution to a very BIG problem…

You can also view a video of Too Many Elephants in this House read by Jane Kennedy on Story Box Library (you will need your library card)

Clancy & millie and the very fine house/ Libby Gleeson
clancy house
Clancy has moved house. All the rooms seem too big. Clancy misses his old house. Clancy is lonely and sad. What seems like a sad story ends quite nicely with the lovely message – friends are what makes a house a home. I love how the illustrations in this echo Clancy’s feelings, the rooms in the new house are big and empty, the illustrator Freya Blackwood has done a wonderful job.


Here is a House
Here is a house built up high
(hands over head to make a roof)
With two big chimneys reaching for the sky
(raise arms up high)
Here is a window
(draw a square)
Here is a door
(pretend to open a door)
If we look inside
(peek through fingers)
There’s a cat on the floor!
(scamper fingers away)


I put a whole pile of stuff on the tables and let the kids do their own thing. We like to call this type of craft ‘Imaginative craft‘, because the kids have free reign and get to use their imaginations. I really enjoy seeing what the clever little mites will come up with.

I put out paper, pens, crayons, glue, scissors, and scraps. Fun was had and the kids made some awesome dwellings.

Well hope you enjoyed my post and don’t forget we will be having a break from Storytime during the school holidays.