Speech Pathology Australia’s Book of the Year Shortlist 2016

The Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards aim to promote children’s books as literacy tools, as well as raising awareness of the role of speech pathologists play in helping children develop language and literacy skills. The awards:

  • promote quality Australian children’s literature;
  • enhance awareness of the role speech pathologists play in language and literacy development; and
  • encourage a love of reading.

Each year Speech Pathology Australia holds a book award across five categories: Birth to 3, Three to 5, Five to 8, Eight to 10, and Indigenous Children. You can check out, or reserve, almost all of the books that have been shortlisted for this year’s awards at Cockburn Libraries.


Book of the Year: Birth to Three Years
As Big As You written by Sara Acton
Clementine’s Bath written by Annie White
Daddy Cuddle written by Kate Mayes, with illustrations by Sara Acton
I Need A Hug written by Aaron Blabey
I’m A Hungry Dinosaur written by Janeen Brian, with illustrations by Ann James
Let’s Go Outside written by Bianca Ebeling, with illustrations by Jacek Cieslinski
Once I Heard A Little Wombat written by Renée Treml
The Pocket Dogs and the Lost Kitten written by Margaret Wild, with illustrations by Stephen Michael King


Book of the Year: Three to 5 Years
Archie No Ordinary Sloth written by Heath McKenzie (Not currently available at the library)
Bogtrotter written by Margaret Wild, with illustrations by Judith Rossell
Carvan Fran written by Cheryl Orsini
Dog and the Lost Leg written by Carlee Yardley
How Big Is Too Small written by Jane Godwin, with illustrations by Andrew Joyner
How The Sun Got To Coco’s House written by Bob Graham
My Friend Ernest written by Emma Allen, with illustrations by Hannah Sommerville
Ollie and the Wind written by Ghosh Ronojoy
Something Wonderful written by Raewyn Calsley, with illustrations by Karen Blair
The Worm Who Knew Karate! written by Jill Lever, with illustrations by Terry Denton
What Noise Comes From a Giraffe? written by Craig MacLean


Book of the Year: Five to 8 Years
A Patch From Scratch written by Megan Forward
Bob the Railway Dog written by Corrine Fenton, with illustrations by Andrew McLean
Don’t Think About Purple Elephants written by Susan Whelan, with illustrations by Gwynneth Jones
Funky Chicken: Chooks in Space written by Chris Collin (Not currently available at the library)
Jinny and Cooper: My Teacher’s Big Bad Secret written by Tania Ingram
Me, Teddy written by Chris McKimmie
Numerical Street written by Hilary Bell, with illustrations by Antonia Pesenti
The Bad Guys: Episode One written by Aaron Blabey
Soccer Superstar written by Tim Cahill and Julian Gray, with illustrations by Heath McKenzie
WeirDo 4, Super Weird! written by Anh Do, with illustrations by Jules Faber


Book of the Year: Eight to 10 Years
Mister Cassowary written by Samantha Wheeler
My Name is Lizzie Flynn – A Story of the Rajah Quilt written by Claire Saxby
New Boy written by Nick Earls
Olive of Groves written by Katrina Nannestad
Paper Planes written by Steve Worland
Reflection written by Rebecka Sharpe Shelberg
Rockhopping written by Trace Balla
Soon written by Morris Gleitzman
The Best of Friends written by Barbara Gonzalez, with illustrations by Connah Brecon (Not currently available at the library)
The Cat With the Coloured Tail written by Gillian Mears, with illustrations by Dinalie Dabarera


Book of the Year: Indigenous Children
ABC Dreaming written by Warren Brim
Boomerang and Bat written by Mark Greenwood, with illustrations by Terry Denton
Deadly D and Justice Jones: The Search written by Dave Hartley, with illustrations by Scott Prince
Go Home, Cheeky Animals written by Johanna Bell, with illustrations by Dion Beasley
Harry’s Secret written by Anita Heiss
Kathleentharndu Wanggangarli written by Kathleen Hubert (Not currently available at the library)
Kookoo Kookaburra written by Gregg Dreise
Matty’s Comeback written by Anita Heiss
My Lost Mob written by Venetia Tyson
Nginingawila Ngirramini: Our Story written by Tiwi College Alalinguwi Jarrakarlinga
Pip and Pim written by Aunty Ruth Hegarty
The Pearl-Shell Diver written by Kay Crabbe
The Toast Tree written by Corina Martin, with illustrations by Fern Martins