Hi and welcome to my Pram Jam Blog. This month I am going to talk about colours and teaching colours to your children.

Colours make our world beautiful in many ways: food, nature, clothes, the list is endless. It is important to emphasise colours in our daily life as they stimulate your child’s imagination and sense of sight. There are so many ways to teach colours to your child. Some simple ways for helping your baby’s brain to develop is by using bright colours to decorate their rooms.  Toddlers love to learn about colours as well. You can talk about the colour of the fruit and vegetables that they are eating. You can make it into a fun game by getting them to find something in the room with the same colour. Praise them when they see the colour again and recognise it. When you go outside point out that the sky is blue, the grass is green and point out the rainbow of flowers in the garden.

It is important to show them books with colour themes and read them over and over again. Teach them by pointing to the picture in the book and ask them what colour the object is. There are so many things you can do to make children learn in a fun way. Some other tips for teaching colors are:

  • Use the seasons to help teach your child about colours – green in spring, white in winter etc
  • Choose a day of the week and make it a “colour day” – wear clothes and read books about that colour and prepare food in that color

We have a great selection of books on colours for you to look at and borrow in the library. Some of the books I have selected are:


The Color Book by Sophie Benini Pietromarchi

the color book



Colours / illustrated by Fiona Land

colour book



What colour?

what colour


I hope you enjoy reading the books I have chosen and look forward to your comments.