Hi and welcome to my Pram Jam blog. This month I am going to talk about tantrums. While tantrums are a normal part of being a toddler they can be exhausting and frustrating as a parent as well as being embarrassing! Tantrums are caused when a child loses control of their feelings and behaviour. It can be quite scary for parents to watch. Some of the reasons children have tantrums are:

  • hungry, tired or bored,
  • jealous of a sibling, or
  • not getting their own way.

As a parent some of the things to help you cope with tantrums are:

  • stay calm  –  take a few deep breaths and try not to get angry
  • offer comfort  – let them know that they are safe and give them a cuddle
  • be aware of tantrum triggers  – shopping and mealtimes are potential times when tantrums can brew. Try to be prepared by making sure your child is not too tired or hungry in these situations

We have a great selection of  books  in our “Family & Parenting” section and our Junior Kindergarten section to help you . These are some of the books I have chosen:


If you have any books or funny tantrum stories please share them with us.