Last term I went and visited BumpWA to do a parent talk. Something I have done a few times but I was asked a really tricky question by one of the women there.

What are the five books I would recommend to someone?

One and two were easy…then it got difficult.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle


This one is so completely and utterly obvious to most people and there is a reason. It covers colours, food, counting, days of the week, and the life-cycle of a caterpillar. I admit that this might not be everyone’s favourite but it is certainly one of mine and it is such a big hit with kids no matter the age. Especially as a board book version that you can stick your finger into.

Where Is The Green Sheep by Mem Fox


Another no-brainer in my opinion. Mem Fox is well known and it’s not hard to see why with some of her amazing books: Possum Magic and Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, and so many more. But this book, about a little green sheep who is missing is the best as far as I am concerned. Here is why: the book deals with nouns – tall, train, car, etc. and that means that children can predict what is coming and can be involved with the book. When we read this book at Storytime, children are able to basically read it themselves from the picture alone. It’s wonderful!

Belly Button Book! by Sandra Boynton


When I tried to narrow this down to one book at the parent session I was completely lost and anyone who saw my blog post can understand why – I love them all. But now, having thought about it I am going to go with the belly-button book because it’s so cute…and everyone has a belly button.

Where’s Spot? by Eric Hill


There is a reason these books are still very, very popular. Lift-the-flap and such wonderful little stories. It’s wonderful. I don’t think I need to say anything else about this groovy little dog.

Grug by Ted Prior


One day the top of a burrawang tree fell to the ground and it became Grug!
With an opening line like that how can this not be an immensely popular book series. And it’s such a wonderful story. This is a great one to get kids involved in the story because they are short and kids can fill in that last word based on the pictures.

It was very difficult to narrow this list down but it was fun and I hope helpful to some of the parents.

With every book on this list I am also recommending the authors because they are wonderful. As are other like Rod Campbell and Pamela Allen who I was very torn about not having in this list.

Do you have a top five? We would love to hear about them.