I don’t get to do Pram Jam posts, or Pram Jams, as much as I used to but this week I get to tell you about one of my favourite board book authors – Sandra Boynton.

She writes and illustrates for board books only; I looked and I wasn’t able to find any of her books in any other format. Her books are wonderful and a favourite with toddlers.

My absolute favourite would have to be…actually it’s a tie.

The Belly Button Book


is certainly one of them. This is an adorable book all about your belly button – everyone has one including all of the hippos who are very proud of them Belly-B. They even have a song.

My other favourite is The Going to Bed Book

which takes us through the journey once the sun has gone to bed as so must we. They take a bath, find pyjamas, do some stretches and more until finally they all rock, rock, rock to sleep.

I’ll admit it – I’ve yet to read one of her books that I didn’t love.

Blue Hat, Green Hat


is wonderful for toddlers as they will get the joke and find it hilarious. This book is all about types of clothing and colours. In the book is an elephant, moose, small creature (I’m not sure what it is), and a turkey. The turkey simply cannot put the clothes on the right parts of their body and it’s adorably funny. My niece used to fall over herself laughing at this book. Though turkey gets there in the end. This is a great one for names of clothing and colours.

Moo, Baa, La La La!


is a chance for children to hear and say animal noises…except for those pigs who are pretending to go la la la.

Barnyard Dance!

barnyard dance

Stomp your feet!
Clap your hands!
Everybody ready for a Barnyard Dance!

All the animals are ready for this wonderful, lively barnyard dance. With wonderful action words, or verbs, like promenade this is a brilliant book to read.

Sandra Boyton’s books are written with a wonderful rhythm and are such a pleasure to read.

If you have a favourite I haven’t mentioned I would love to hear about it.