This is my very first Pram Jam post and, unfortunately, probably my last. We’re very lucky to have a returning staff member, Beth, who will be doing Pram Jams at Coolbellup from Term Four and a new staff member, Rebecca, who is now doing Storytimes at Coolbellup. With more staff we have decided to continue doing Pram Jam and Storytime posts year round.

I’m very excited about having the opportunity to write a Pram Jam post this week since I loved doing Pram Jams at Coolbellup. I’m also going to be talking about something that is very important to me – numeracy.

Numeracy is what schools are now calling maths and is the ability to understand and use mathematical concepts. It is never too early to be teaching children about numbers.

Numeracy and literacy (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) are two of the most important parts of early schooling and they are both things that you can begin doing with children from birth.

As anyone who has come along to one of our Pram Jams
Spearwood – first Thursday of the month at 10:30am
Coolbellup – Monday at 10:30am
Success (new time for term four) – Wednesday at 10am
will know a lot of our rhymes involve counting, number names, addition, and lots of other wonderful maths concepts.

Rhymes with numbers

A lot of our rhymes go backwards like Five Cheeky Monkeys:

Five Cheeky monkeys,
jumping on the bed.
One fell off and bumped his head.

Mother called the doctor
and the doctor said,
“No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”

Four cheeky monkeys …
Three …
One …

And then there were no cheeky monkeys

But we also have rhymes that count up like The Caterpillar:

One little caterpillar crawled on my shoe
wriggle finger like a worm on one shoe

Along came another and then there were two
show two fingers

Two little caterpillars crawled on my knee
wriggle two caterpillars on one knee

Along came another and then there were three
show three fingers

Three little caterpillars crawled on the floor
walk three fingers along the floor

Along came another and then there were four
show four fingers

Four little caterpillars all crawled away
walk four fingers across the floor

They will all turn into butterflies one fine day!
join your hands together like a butterfly and fly away!

In addition to songs and rhymes we also have a wide range of board books on numbers.

giraffes can't dance - number-rumba

Giraffes Can’t Dance – Number Rumba by Giles Andreae

This book has lovely big numbers for little fingers to trace as children get older, rollicking rhymes, and beautiful illustrations.

It takes characters from the beautiful Giraffes Can’t Dance book this is a great book for getting to know numbers and their order.

Dino-School Counting

Dino-School Counting by David Bedford

One-o-saur hopping on one leg. Two-o-saurs hatching from eggs. These din-o-saurs are having a great time in groups from 1 to twelve. With rhyming throughout this is another lovely board book to read with a little one.

Beyond that numbers, counting, adding and subtracting can be worked into everyday conversation and play with children from counting things around the house to talking about the number of things we see in the world (there are three birds on the lawn). It is possible to make learning about numbers something that happens everyday by saying aloud the things we do naturally.

If you have a favourite way to use maths with your child or a book suggestion we would love to hear about it below.