Hi and welcome to my Pram Jam blog. This month I am going to talk about yoga and the benefits of doing it with your baby or toddler. Yoga classes create a warm and friendly atmosphere for you and your baby; promoting confidence in the handling of your baby. It also creates a wonderful bond from an early age. Baby yoga provides the stimulation of touch, movement, and rhythm as well as the benefits of relaxation. You can start doing yoga with your baby from about six weeks. There are so many benefits for both mum and baby/toddler.

Benefits for baby:

  • it helps promote better sleeping,
  • it helps prevent colic and constipation, and
  • it stimulates the brain.

Benefits for mum:

  • it helps maintain pelvic floor and stomach muscles,
  • it is very relaxing,
  • provides stress relief, and
  • opportunities for bonding with baby.

There are some great links online to information on the benefits of yoga for children such as:

http://www.thefamilynurturingcentre.org/ and http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-15075/7-ways-kids-benefit-from-yoga.html

There are also lots of great books on yoga and some of the ones I have selected are:

Little yoga: A toddler’s First Book of Yoga

little yoga


The ABCs of yoga for Kidsthe-abcs-of-yoga-for-kids


My Daddy is a Pretzelmy daddy is a pretzel

I have selected a rhyme/song that you and your toddler can do to yoga movements; it’s called If I Were:

If I Were

If I were the sun, (reach up)
I’d shine down on you. (fold forward, reaching for toes)
If I were a rose bud, (hands behind ears, elbows touching in front)
I’d open for you. (stretch the elbows out wide)
If I were a puppy, (down dog)
I’d wag at you. (lift one leg and shake)
But since I am a child, (hold one hand down, palm facing floor)
I’ll sing for you.  (bring hand to mouth, then away)

If I were a star, (star pose)
I’d twinkle for you.  (rock from side to side, from one foot to the other)
If I were a penguin, (heels together, toes out, hands at sides, fingers out)
I’d waddle to you.  (‘waddle’ in place.)
If I were an eagle, (eagle pose)
I’d soar to you.  (stretch out arms and legs to ‘soar.’)
But since I am a child, (hold one hand down, palm facing floor)
I’ll sing for you. (bring hand to mouth, then away)    

And since I am your child, (point to self, to parent, then palm to floor)
I’ll give you hugs too!  (hug self or run to parent to hug!)

Yoga is such a beautiful and relaxing way to bond with your child. I hope you enjoy the blog and I look forward to hearing your comments.