I have a horrible, terrible, nasty, scary truth to share with you all, lovely Pram Jams parents. Are you sitting down? The shock could knock you right off your feet!

Okay, here it is: Your baby will, one day soon, have a birthday.

You will stop counting your baby’s age in weeks, even months, soon enough. Before you know it, that first birthday will whiz by and next you’ll be answering ’18 months’ no longer… Then it will be ‘oh, he’s just turned 2!’. And then, he will be ‘2 and a half’ for as long as you can eek it out (ahem…I claimed that my baby was 2 and a half right up until his 3rd birthday 😉 ). It’s one of those realities, and one which I believe becomes harder to swallow the more children you have. But, on the other hand, birthdays are awesome! Babies who grow and thrive and learn and laugh should be celebrated, loudly 😀

We’ve just completed our second birthday season of the year in our family, we have half of our birthdays in Autumn and the other half in late Spring (very well balanced, I must say). So over the last month or so we have celebrated my own birthday, then my youngest’s, and finally my 2nd oldest hit double digits. Sprinkled between our birthdays are those of  some cousins and my Dad, so let’s just say that singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and sharing a family meal where the children outnumber the adults with ease was a weekly event for us over the past few months.

Wrapping carefully selected gifts, writing heartfelt notes in birthday cards, baking cupcakes, jumping on beds early on birthday mornings, celebrating with school friends (and Pram Jam families!), and reading Happy Birthday stories, these are a few of my favourite birthday things (a la raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens).

And here are some of my all time top Birthday themed books, which are perfectly suited to the zero to three age group:
Guinea Pig Party book coverGuinea pig party / Holly Surplice

A birthday for cow Book CoverA birthday for cow / Jan Thomas

its my birthday book coverIt’s my birthday / Helen Oxenbury

How about some ‘on theme’ rhymes to share? We use this one every week at Coolbellup Pram Jams, and we sing it at home often as well when we need to shake some sillies out. It’s a great one to sing in the lead up to family birthdays so that babies feel confident with blowing out the candles.


And the old favourite, Pat a Cake! We always sing this one in conjunction with I’m a little teapot for obvious reasons… (cake and tea!)


So there you go, a short and sweet Happy Birthday themed Pram Jams with Beth post 🙂 Wrap it all up with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to you, a big ‘ol cake with plenty of candles, lots of mess in the kitchen and great food in bellies, and we’ll be ready for Christmas then more birthdays in 2017.  Here’s a pic from our birthday celebrations at home, can you beat the excitement on those little faces?

photo of sparklers on cake