It’s easy as, 1 2 3
As simple as, do re mi
A B C, 1 2 3
Baby, you and me girl!

Doesn’t it just inspire visions of The Jackson 5, dancing and singing their little hearts out? Come on, let’s go on that little trip down memory lane!

Ahem. Back to the seriousness of the Pram Jam with Beth post… but ahh, ermm, actually, it’s nice to take a break from the seriousness of my last blog, Little Emotions. We’ve been on quite a journey these past few months here in Coolbellup and in the greater Cockburn region as a whole, but hopefully with the results of the recent state election almost completely finalised (we are still waiting on some counts in the Legislative Council), the coming seasons will bring great progress on many important issues.

So, back to basics!  I wanted to look at how much fun it is to surround our babies with the most simple of literacy and numeracy examples – the ABCs and 1 2 3 s! I am sure that if your baby is anything like mine, reciting the alphabet and improvised versions of counting are both favourite activities, and reinforcing that fun exploration of numbers and letters through books and music makes for an easier progression through to structured learning in kindy, pre-primary and beyond.

These few books that I have listed are only a very small selection of the huge range that are available at your local library, each one suited to babies from birth. Engaging illustrations and simple text with the addition of interactive tracing, eye spy or counting opportunities, you can’t go wrong!

Book Cover - 123 ” title=“View this item in the library catalogue
123 / illustrations by Duck Egg Blue, Heather Kirk and Angie Hewitt

Book Cover - A B see ” title=“View this item in the library catalogue
A B see / Elizabeth Doyle

Book Cover - ABC dreaming ” title=“View this item in the library catalogue
ABC dreaming / Warren Brim

Book Cover - Apple pie ABC ” title=“View this item in the library catalogue
Apple pie ABC / Alison Murray

Book Cover - Trace, lift, and learn : ABC 123 ” title=“View this item in the library catalogue
Trace, lift, and learn : ABC 123

Book Cover - Farm 123 : a lift-the-flap book ” title=“View this item in the library catalogue
Farm 123 : a lift-the-flap book / Rod Campbell

As I said above, these are just a few quick picks from the Board Books and Junior Kindy collections, perfect for interactive reading with babies of all ages. Do you have another favourite that I’ve missed in my list? Let me know in the comments section, I am always on the lookout for titles to add!

We like to sing the Alphabet song at Pram Jams at Coolbellup, and we hand around some pages with the AUSLAN signs for each letter. The kids catch on so quickly, and it’s a wonderful skill for everyone to have. Here’s a version of the Alphabet song with AUSLAN signing, there’s another available on the Itty Bitty Stars youtube channel which goes through each letter a little slower if you’re still a beginner!

Let’s finish off with a couple of our simplest counting rhymes, these are long time favourites at Pram Jams 🙂  I like to count up to ten then backwards to one when singing the ten little fingers dancing song, and it’s the same tune that we use for our bubbles at the end of the session – in fact, it’s perfect for counting just about anything! One memorable counting session where we used this song was when we were counting snails in the garden 😉

Have a great week everyone, see you all at a Pram Jams or Storytime session soon!